Darkness Provides
by Zeta Omega

Many times it's been said to me
"Angel wings shall carry thee"
Know they not I have wings of mine own?
Surely the Angels must have known...
You see I called for their aid and looked they down
From Heaven above on celestial ground
Shook their heads and turned away
From strife and trials of my day
Saying "Solve problems, Demon, thine own way."
How I hated the Heavens above
Hated the patience of goodness and love
Hated the darkness inherent in me
'Till time passed and I began to see
The world that lay in front of me
Eternal night beckoned, I answered the call
Embraced the Darkness borne of my fall
Goodness and light, forsaken was all
I could gather my life in the shadows below
And emerge unshaken from the depths to show
That life was my Choice, and I chose the night
I chose to see that eternal plight
Must always exist in order for Light
To stand on it's own and be what it might
Balance is vital for time to exist
Demons must prowl in all of the mists
For Angels to save from eternal abyss
The Souls of those Mortals from whom light has slipped
I understand now my detestable path
Embrace to the fullest night which hath
Bred my soul for balance sake
The wings of a Demon hold much stake
In the world of man as Angels' do
Dark emissaries speak truth in every ear
For those who can hear
The call of night, and do not fear

This is my life, I accepted my path
Long ago with ancient wrath
And brought the Divine to it's knees
For but one moment, God said "Please,
Stay with me, part thou naught."
yet even the word of God could not
Quench the freedom that I sought
And so I parted from his grace
An Angel fallen, at least in face
And yet I serve him even now
Demon given stake and brow
In the world of mortals, sown to life
A Demon, an Angel, a Human in life

How is it that I make my stake?
Demon or not, how rules me, thou Fate?
I know not the answer to the riddles of life
Yet this is the end of my sake tonight
No more can I bear to tell
And so I bid thee a fond farewell.