Works by Members and Friends


T. Allen Greenfield - Daemon Knight - Dark River - Blood of the Moon
Mirsoul - From Light to Dark
Cristos de Falme & Imon - Vampire - Duet
Shortgoth - A Different Kind of Poem
Zeta Omega - Darkness Provides
Hellsphenx - madpoet ravings
Imon - The Penultimate Possibility - The Game - Another Game
Arry'shanna-Selene - A Vampyres Need - A Gift of Tears - Passion, Pleasure and Reality
Kat - So What Lies There? - Tonight's Thoughts
Celtic Elf - Living Every Day - Calling You Home - Twin Flames - Emotion
Giselle le Boursier - Prey


Carnivore Bait - Sarah Dorrance

A pitch dark little tale mused by one of the donors here back in '01, a billet doux between a vampire and a donor of uncommon proclivities. R-rated and not for the squeamish.