Madpoet Ravings ~ bits plucked from a bleeding corpus

Mad Poet Strikes Again!

Word is I seem to a resident mad poet! I can't help it!  I love the
mad poet in me!  After dying to awake colors, crazy shapes of mind &
sounds that beggar common words because they lie outside of common
perception. The passage through this swollen work of existence
transcended through my mind & nightmarishly tried to claim the very
fabrication of the poet itself in me.  I felt almost rendered
powerless, thus the frantic art left in the astral travel that also
benefitted from this persistent journey...

My favorite part of the awakening would be the ability to extend my
limits on spiritual and mind travels and connections, revealing it's
freedom and the extraordinary spiritual connection now between me
and my love.....   "A Kiss from a Rose on a Grave"...

What is Afterlife...Dogsperm Tet Syndrome Attack

Ahhh...crises in Faith...let's just sell our soul for organic evolution
and come back to find our new beings that our soul is trapped in...?
Vicious, huh.  Do I believe in afterlife? Good subject, though.
The demons couldn't convince me, no...and next thing I know dogspermed
visions of death and past life tragedy flash before my eyes and blind
me in a cold grave like a fucked up acid trip!  Seriously now, I'm not
too confused about my view of it.  I do, however, see logic in what
stands behind this tantranizing belief.  I've seen visions, of course,
but to the final realization that my present life either flashed some
kind of de-ja-vu from a past experience,or something in this life has
happens revealing the origin of what the hell I saw before.  The soul
ways of seeing into plans for your life through a spiritual connection.
Life, or I Know..using love as proof, at least parts of life are set
to happen.  I have wondered, if perhaps, before we are born, in that
long period of before birth, or maybe before that, there may be the
opportunity to choose your typical path of life.  However, as in
afterlife, the Bible states Jesus was resurrected.  Although the thought
of afterlife to me is tragic, I won't say it is impossible for Gods or
Demons to recreate...it's just not for me.  For some, though,
it's a view of a second chance.  I won't take hope away...

 Ode to the Witch!

I'm burning upon high of kindled flames on the pulsating transendation
of reality, where black symbolizes horrors of spilling torches, leading
to cradled thoughts of suicide & even human disembalement.  It's like
ruining me! I'm melting!  Ode to the Witch!  I'm out pouring from my
growing infestation entered beyond this black extravagance upon my
body in sights of meaning sewn into those holy fuckin' pants.

The tornado of creation upon the "beware of the way the mind twists
those thoughts" smokes on a breeze like a cloud of stage effects that
floats like burning under the lights of a velvet stage...
 It's only taken back that my style and clothing as a goth, only making
a passion and strength of a brighter light, would  be unfair to the color
black, if it were taken out!  The silhouette of a black shadow against
those falling petals of life that need a place to rest & find one's own
mind speak the same.

Pull it all together...You know you can hold a dark light of your
own and achieve control over what sporadic, but reasoned torture
you've endured by learning how to master every refined art of tricks
you can label a purpose to use. Once acquired, it's like finding a new
freedom in the chilled twilight of Hibiscus bleeding.  True beauty to
look upon.  Possess it wisely.