By  A.H.


Initial disclaimer: This work is far from complete; however, it is the result of long study and observation on the nature of some of the most interesting people in my experience. I would like to say that I have only the most objective of interests in this phenomenon, but I find it impossible to be objective about what I am. The following information is not intended to glorify or impress psychic vampires, nor is it intended to teach others to become psychic vampires. I am certain that many individuals will read this and feel slighted due to the fact that I have not included their popular opinions or false claims in my descriptions. Thus, I must reiterate that this is not meant to glorify the condition of psychic vampirism. This work is strictly based on the information and conclusions I have gathered from psychic vampires, who were approached in a neutral and open environment. This work also contains ONLY information about individuals who can prove their nature, either consciously or unconsciously, through observable energy transactions. I have made every effort to stay away from popularizing or publicizing psychic vampires, and have withheld names and dates as a courtesy towards an overwhelming majority of individuals discussed herein who desire to remain anonymous. Further, the writer of this document, a psychic vampire himself, also wishes to remain anonymous.

Psychic vampires. What are they? Who are they? What do we know about the condition of psychic vampirism, or the methods involved in the execution of such an action? From what I have gathered, the general populace knows little to nothing about this condition, though it is recognized and even applauded by certain groups, generally gothic theme web sites and "vampire support groups." Several researchers and even military institutions have done studies on the aura and the various methods of manipulating biotic fields, and have concluded that psychic vampirism is not only possible, it is an event common in occurrence. But what does all this mean?

From what I have been able to deduce from my own situation and experiences, psychic vampirism is a condition in which a person has become capable of and/or dependant upon feeding or absorbing through an osmotic reaction the perceivable energy in their environment. In some ways, this is similar to exothermic animals requiring heat from their surroundings; however, the psychic vampire, or PV, generally requires a more specialized energy type, especially biotic energies. Whether this is a physical or psychosomatic differentiation is unknown to me at this point. In my direct experience, feeding on large quantities of abiotic energy, such as heat or light can sate a PV's desire for this influx of external energy for a short while. However, due to the general associative processes of the PV, as well as certain sensitivities the PV develops, it is often concluded that the aura, or perceivable biotic energy inherent in humans (and, perhaps, in other sentient, empathic creatures which may yet be encountered), provides more 'nutritious' energy. Because of the almost-universally empathic nature of the many psychic vampires I have observed, this may be so. I daresay that the input/yield ratio of attempting to feed on biotic energy is much greater than abiotic sources, though again, this may be caused more by empathy and synchronicity than simple energy exchange ratios. Another thing worth note is the general aversion towards direct sunlight that the PV exhibits. This, and other interesting tendencies developed (to be discussed later) tend to direct the PV away from abiotic energy sources and towards the more convenient biotic ones.

At this point, combining the data already at hand can produce a few tentative conclusions. Whether by evolution or other means of selective trends, the niche of a being that feeds on the emotional resonance or biotic energy fields of Homo Sapiens is likely to be filled at this point. We know that the average human, especially in the wake of commercial entertainment, exerts a tremendous amount of energy on emotion. Based on my observations, I must conclude that this is why PVs tend to frequently attend dramatic movies or other productions, despite an almost universal (among the PVs, at least) ambivalence towards the films themselves. With all this energy expended on frivolous, low- to non-impact events, evolutionarily speaking it would be incredible if nature had not developed a way to feed on the aura of sentient beings.


It is proven that on a cellular level, all living systems are capable of transferring, storing, and utilizing energy, generally measured in calorific value. It is interesting to conjecture the calorific value of various forms of auric energy, though there is as yet no reliable way to measure it. Measurements of metabolic reactions producing heat are the most detailed studies of biotic energy transference that I am aware of, and so I will use this as an example here. This kind of energy manipulation of a living system is actually very efficient compared to most abiotic energy transference methods I have researched. If psychic energies, such as auric or 'astral' bodies, emit anywhere near the yield of a simple metabolic reaction in a biotic system, then it is easy to see why and how psychic vampirism might evolve as a mode of energy intake. What remains to be discussed and concluded is how this is done in the first place. Psychic vampirism is, by definition, the method of sating some actual or perceived need for a non-definitive mental, emotional, or 'spiritual' energy, as leeched from a 'victim' or 'donor' to a parasitic being by means of psi energy. This is a pretty broad, catchall definition, obviously deduced by people who do not yet understand what it is they claim to do. First, to come to an agreement on psi, the apparent basis of this phenomenon.

Psi is any means by which a person or persons influences their environments, including other people, without direct interaction. Psi is generally divided into two categories: Extra-Sensory Perception, commonly known as E.S.P.; and Psychokinesis, or mind over matter. It is believed that psychic vampirism falls under the category of psychokinesis, or the manipulation of matter or energy using forces other than those caused by direct physical interaction. However, biomagnetism and bioelectric field manipulation are common occurrences, found in many people who are simply capable of 'thinking' their biotic fields different in some manner, thus causing a flux in these very important auric bodies. In fact, nearly half of all people I have interviewed and experimented with on this subject, who have subsequently attempted manipulation of measurable biotic fields in this way, are capable of altering their biomagnetic readings on the first try. Even more people have been able to suppress or strengthen their bioelectric fields for short periods after no more than half a dozen attempts. These tests are simple and are conducted with a simple set of tools: namely, a compass and a camera for measurement, and a chair and a table in an otherwise plain, neutral-colored room. Both effects were measured without the person tested touching either camera or compass at any point. Oddly enough, this phenomenon is generally not considered to be related to psi in any way. So how is it that psychic vampirism, which also seems to stem from these simple manipulations, is considered a form of psychokinesis?

To deduce this, it must be stated that transferring energy requires tremendous amounts of pre-existing energy. Even metabolic reaction common in warm-blooded animals is a mechanical process, requiring energy to perform the work necessary to produce more energy. Food intake is converted to calorific energy, which is used to fuel the metabolic process to produce heat. This is the most common model for energy transference-energy applied to a system is used to fuel the process by which a system produces another form of energy. And yet, the PV seems to require little to no measurable energy to fuel the process of psychic vampirism. So the focus of the questions is, in a realistic sense, What is the energy siphoned from the psychic vampire's environment used for? Towards what mechanical transference is the absorbed energy applied? And is this method of energy consumption efficient enough to fuel the process for which it is required?

The answer to the first question is already a point under debate in some of the esoteric circles which deal with this phenomenon. Most people who study psychic vampirism agree that, much like the traditional vampires requiring blood to fuel their dead bodies, the PV requires this specialized energy to "recharge" their own auric fields, which are lacking in some aspect. However, I have found that this is inconsistent with the observations I have made on PVs. On average, a PV tends to have a noticeably stronger aura than other people, and is often predisposed, either genetically or through social pressures, towards fitness and a strong constitution. However, I have also observed that most PV's are drawn to social interaction, whether they involve themselves in such interactions or not. When a PV is isolated, whether by choice or by force, they tend to withdraw into themselves, and often unconsciously feed on their own auric fields. This insatiable appetite leads to a cycle of degradation of the aura, which can lead to various mental imbalances and physical illness. Though I do not condone testing this by quarantining a PV, the observations I have already made lead me to believe the answer to the third question, above, as pertaining to the efficiency of the system of input/yield, is that the system is not efficient enough to sufficiently sustain a PV. Whatever "psychic nutrients" are gathered in this way are not enough to sustain a PV indefinitely, which leads me to believe that psychic vampire is actually attempting to correct a specific deficiency through specialized feeding. This is a very old theory about vampirism in general, but investigated in this light produces startling questions I have never come across in my research. However, it also remains to be said that it is entirely possible that the deficiency is created by the act of vampirism to begin with. Like drug use, a body oversupplied with a naturally occurring chemical lowers its own production of that chemical, relying on the external supply. When the external supply of chemicals is stopped, the body, accustomed to relying on that source, becomes unbalanced as the lag between the external supply and internal production leaves the body without the necessary levels of the chemical in question. In the case of PVs, this could mean that, having found a way to bolster their own auras with external energy sources, their bodies' natural ability to produce and regenerate biotic energies would be compromised, leaving them increasingly dependent on the act of vampirism.

The answer to the second question is self-evident only if you apply the above theory that the auric energies absorbed are directly used to "recharge" the aura of the PV. Though this process is not currently accepted as a standard energy application, I hold the opinion that it is a matter of bioelectric field manipulation, due to the observations I have made. If this theory is correct, then psychic vampirism is simply the absorption of biotic field energies which are then redirected, and not metabolized or digested. And if this is, in fact, the case, then psychic vampirism may be a simple addiction like any other, curable through therapy and possibly medications and treatments promoting the regeneration of the biotic energies, leaving no need to feed off of healthy systems in such a parasitic manner.


Psychic Vampires have several interesting tendencies, which should be discussed to further understand the act of psychic vampirism. First, most PVs whom have spoken with or observed tend to shun bright lights, especially sunlight, and other high-frequency stimuli, such as loud noises or intense vibrations. Although there are several whom I have interviewed who enjoy parties, clubs, and other social events or locations which feature some high-frequency or high-intensity stimulus, I have found on most occasions that PVs tend to try and ignore these stimuli in favor of the energies they are there to absorb. There are exceptions, of course, and these lead me to believe that the general responses to such stimuli are learned responses or, more likely, psychosomatic ones. As a rule, the same PVs that enjoy the abiotic energies found in such situations are also the few exceptions to the general thought that psychic vampirism is an "evil" act. These rare individuals claim that it is a natural, almost universal act, and of the three that I interviewed, two of them vehemently deny that their actions could possibly cause any ill side effects in the "victims" of their vampirism. Although it is fairly obvious to anyone who observes the target of repeated PV feedings that said target will quickly become lethargic, unfocused, lose motivation and even can become seriously ill, it is also interesting to note that of the three socially outgoing, high-frequency stimuli enjoying PVs I spoke with, none of them admitted to feeding outside of a group scenario. This may explain why two of the three denied that their feedings may have negative side effects-they may never have fed from one individual's energies long enough or intensely enough to do that individual recognizable harm.

The question of whether psychic vampirism is "good" or "evil" may be a valid point. Obviously, according to most Judaic or Christian religious beliefs, any form of parasitic action is inherently evil. Since most of the psychic vampires I have spoken with were raised in an American Christian society, it is a good bet that they have been exposed only to the belief that what they do is an "evil" act, and thus have a predisposition to viewing themselves as bad people.

From my observations, most PVs under the age of thirty tend to revel in it, often seeing it as an act of independence or rebellion against authority, identifying them as special or unique in some manner. It is largely these PVs who admit to meeting with others who claim to be vampires of all types, seeking support, friendship, and a social network of like-minded individuals. Specialized clubs frequented by young men and women of the "Goth" theme tend to be considered safe havens for PVs in this age bracket. However, it has been my experience that actual PVs find themselves either alienated by those who pretend to be vampires of some sort, or in confrontation with other PVs, some of whom can be fiercely territorial. Many PVs enjoy the attention they get from aura-sensitive individuals, and will grow angry and even aggressively attempt to drive off other PVs who steal their spotlight-because with that spotlight goes that image of uniqueness that most young people crave. In addition to this odd territorial behavior I have observed, PVs, generally, themselves very sensitive to auric energies, may notice another PV feeding and feel competitive towards their fellow PV. This competitive feeling almost inevitably leads to "feeding contests", where PVs feed either from the crowd or from each other in an effort to "out-eat" the other; this is, in effect, a simple matter of attempting to determine dominance, and I have observed this almost exclusively in male PVs (though I have witnessed more than one female PV in the same situation). I have also observed that female PVs are more likely to be provocative, feeding off of sexual energies in the aura with or without actually engaging in sexual conduct, and yet it is the male PVs who are most likely to claim to feed largely on sexual energy. A popular trend is for males to claim to be "incubi", or male sexual demons, though the truth of these claims is up for debate. Unfortunately, most claims made by young PVs are very hard, or impossible, to verify.

Others, those between around thirty and fifty, habitually hide their acts, and become easily depressed when they are confronted with them. Having been raised to believe that such things are wicked and unnatural (and remember, most were raised in an entirely different societal structure), they are often ashamed or unnerved by their actions, seeing themselves as "damned" or "touched by evil." A Catholic priest PV, unconscious of his condition, whom I spoke with at length claimed that the idea of vampirism was a "taint of the Devil's presence." He stated that he joined the church because mass, hymns, and other activities "filled me with peace and strength." When I presented the possibility that he was drawn to the emotional responses of the worshippers as a source of energy, he became very upset and concluded the interview prematurely by verbally, and finally physically assaulting me. This response is one of the more drastic I have encountered, but his attitude is actually typical of that age group, as far as observed. Otherwise, this age group tends to be far more conservative than younger PVs, and has a greater tendency to be charismatic and polished in their mannerisms. This seems to be a method of camouflaging themselves in a society which does not readily accept what they are, nor even acknowledge the existence of PVs as a rule.

Finally, there are the those who have ceased to differentiate themselves from others based on their acts of psychic vampirism; this appears to be the tendency in older individuals, those over fifty. I spoke with only a handful of people who fit this category, though they all had almost uniform thoughts and ideas on the issue. An older, retired couple, friends of mine, agreed to an interview on the basis that I never raise the question of the morality of their feeding. From our conversations, and two others with similar people, I deduced that at a certain point the PV decides that moral values are a moot point when the nature of their feeding is called into question. One individual, a man who had admittedly been a PV since childhood, made a statement to the effect of, "We are what we are." This was the theme of all interviews I did on PVs over the age of fifty, and the expressed desired mindset of the majority of PVs over thirty. Conversely, I find that the older a PV gets, the more they become tight-lipped about their actions. It took several hours convincing to get even my friends, whom I have known for some years and have been aware that they are psychic vampires for more than a year, to speak to me on the subject. During the interview, they explained that they are hesitant because of the possibility of ridicule and alienation, which can be devastating for a PV, and the general reactions of neighbors and friends, who tend to be conservative and thus highly suspicious of that which they are not familiar with. Were general public reaction to be negative, I dread to think what would become of my friends, who are far too old to be dealing with harassment, vandalism, or even assault over something

WE  I.D.

To correctly identify PVs, it is imperative that one is aware of any individual PV's origins and state of mind. However, many exhibit common factors, and can be initially identified by these common traits. It is very important to proceed with caution when attempting to identify a psychic vampire who does not wish others to be aware of his or her nature, as psychic vampires can be just as aggressive and vicious as anyone else. It is often best to avoid confrontation, especially if they perceive you as accusatory. Respect for privacy and personal choice is golden when dealing with people, and PVs are no exception.

To begin with, most psychic vampires are very empathic beings, and tend to be aware of their own energies as well as the energies of others in great detail. Even those deny their nature, or are unaware of it, are still sensitive to other people and their emotional states. From what I have gathered, this is a natural sensory mechanism to aid in feeding-the PV needs must be aware of where to feed as much as the need to do so. It may be that the reverse is also true, or that being empathic tends to lead to psychic vampirism, but this is mere conjecture. Suffice it to say that PVs are, as a rule, very empathic people.

Another general trait seems to be an aversion to sunlight, and a nocturnal aspect of the PVs biological cycles. Due to the nature of younger PVs, I cannot say whether this is a social coping mechanism, a feeding mechanism, or simple psychosomatic antipathy, but it seems to be a combination of several factors. First, a PV tends to be secretive of their nature when dealing with most people, and secretive-natured people often feel the need to be awake and active at night, when most people are vulnerable. Second, many PVs, as mentioned before, tend to attend social functions, popular public entertainment, or frequent clubs, bars, and parties, most of which take place at night. So this could be a manner of energy availability. Also, it is unwise to overlook the rebellious nature of youth, when nocturnal ramblings are "cool" and friends and associates also tend to make a habit of staying active during the night as much as possible. Further, over a period of time, night-shift work or school often leaves an individual acclimated to late hours, and sunlight becomes an internal cue for them to sleep. This is the reverse of diurnally active people, who tend to feel tired only when it is dark, and are often unable to sleep in a brightly-lit room. And finally, it may be that feeding on auric energies actually does cause some side effects, including discomfort or mild allergic reaction in direct sunlight. Whatever the case, PVs are often averse to sunlight, and others claim to be even if they are not. Some actually suffer mild redness and tenderness in the epidermis when in sunlight, or feel a "cooking" sensation, often accompanied by itching and discoloration of the skin. This, I strongly believe, is a psychosomatic reaction, perhaps caused by associative habit with "evil" and "creatures of darkness." With younger PVs, this aversion to sunlight, and any physical reactions associated with it, is considered a mark of distinction in certain social circles, and may actually be induced by simply because of the individual's desire to be so marked.

Loud noises and vibrations also tend to be anathema to the PV, who feels these more readily than other individuals. In my interviews, I have asked many PVs (and a few who are not PVs, but wish to be) why this is so, and the universal response was that they are more sensitive to energies and their fluctuations, on the whole, than other people. Although I have not found any way to prove this, it is true that PVs have a slightly greater tendency to immediately react to loud noises and physical vibrations in a negative manner-extensive exposure also has greater negative associative effects, such as residual deafness after loud music, or "shiver" reactions to shrill vibrations (such as nails on a blackboard). However, this is not a good method to use if you suspect someone (or you yourself) may be a PV, as all people of all kinds have different thresholds of sensitivity to loud noises or vibrations.

Fear of isolation is another calling card of the PV, especially those who require large amounts of energy. Claustrophobia, fear of confinement, and uneasiness when alone are all common ground for the PV, especially those who are aware of their needs and have been confined before until they suffered some negative effects. It is possible that even mentioning isolation will cause a panic or anxiety attack in a PV who has suffered such before. This is a slightly more reliable way to find out if an individual is a PV, though it is a cruel act and may have severe repercussions for the PV. However, I have heard of it being done in some cases to "punish" PV teenagers by religiously zealous parents. Should you attempt to broach this subject, be prepared for an immediate hostile response. This is the quickest way to alienate most PVs. Also be aware that fear of enclosed spaces is a common phobia, and by itself does not indicate psychic vampirism. NOTE: You should NEVER attempt to "lock someone up" for any reason; this is grounds for criminal prosecution including criminal neglect (in the case of children), harassment, abuse, illegal confinement, even kidnapping. If you wish to use this as a means of criteria for determining if someone you know is a psychic vampire, broach the subject in a relaxed setting, in a tactful manner, and simply pay attention to their reaction. If you wish use this to determine whether you yourself are a PV, think about being confined for a moment, then check your pulse.

Constant social grouping is another sign of PVs, who often feel the need to surround themselves with people in an effort to keep a ready source of energy, or to keep from feeding exclusively on one person, thereby doing harm to that single source of energy. Whether the PV is the center of attraction or the quiet wallflower seems to be an entirely personal choice. By and large, those who tend towards the more pagan social circles find it attractive to be the center of attention, whereas the more conservative Christian-raised PVs are more likely to feel ostracized and therefore be wallflowers. Regardless, the major identifying aspect of the PV is the need to feed from other sentient beings, and with experience the PV finds that social gatherings are the best way to feed discreetly.

Of course, the most obvious, though apparently the least reliable, method of determining a psychic vampire is by direct questioning. In most cases, an individual will need you to explain in detail what you are indicating, as psychic vampirism is commonly understood and accepted only in a very specialized social niche. Many young people, especially rebellious teenagers interested in the macabre, will immediately identify with many aspects of the PV, despite very rarely being true PVs (though in one case, my questioning led a curious young woman to pursue the concept and eventually become a ravenous PV through practice and malicious intent). On the other hand, many older PVs are secretive by nature, and feel threatened when confronted about their possible condition. Only in the most rare and unusual circumstances will the individual you suspect as being a PV be truly honest, open, and accepting of the idea if they were not aware beforehand. Extreme caution and prudence is advised.


Finally, to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions of psychic vampirism. Though many PVs use these misconceptions, and may actively support them to misdirect attention from themselves, I feel it is imperative to inform PVs that these are many of the false notions that surround them. Anyone who is taught to feel and think in a manner that misleads them and forces them to make decisions based on false beliefs is in a dangerous situation, and may come to harm either through their own actions or the actions of other, equally misguided individuals. I find that this is a growing situation, especially amongst the youngest PVs, who find themselves cast as angels or demons by the beliefs of others uninformed of the nature of PVs. All PVs have the chance to be normal, healthy, productive individuals, and this is their right. Denying anyone this is an act of discrimination, regardless of intention.

One of the most popular misconceptions is that PVs are akin to actual vampires of legend, popularized around the turn of the last century by the Irish novelist Bram Stoker. I have found no evidence supporting this. Though the symbology of the act of draining the life energy of a victim or donor is self-evident in both PVs and blood-drinking individuals, the actual transfer of biotic energies through each of these methods is so dissimilar as to be impossible to relate in any meaningful manner. Though it is a common belief that psychic vampires and blood-drinking, or sanguineous, vampires are two sides of the same coin, their methods, their approach, their manner, and even their motivations are often completely unrelated. In fact, on the whole I have found that individuals claiming to be sanguineous vampires are quite often mistaken about the nature of psychic vampirism. For blood-consuming vampires, individuals with a physical or mental need to regularly consume sizable quantities of blood, it is common that the same side-effects of both feeding and being fed upon are observed as in PVs. This, I have found, is the most common basis of the belief that the two methods of vampirism are related. However, it should be noted that the same basic benefits are conferred upon any living system that receives a necessary nutrition. After feeding, both psychic and sanguineous vampires show the same responses as any hungry animal immediately after being given appropriate food. And victims, or donors, if fed upon extensively enough, show the same basic responses as any healthy system when preyed upon by a form of parasite. These responses are not limited to vampirism in any way-these are natural responses to energy transfer in an interconnected biotic network. Using this as a way to relate psychic vampirism and other forms of vampirism is akin to claiming that a sanguineous vampire is obviously related to a mosquito, or a tapeworm. Though many PVs also believe that these two forms of vampirism are related, again, I can find no firm grounds on which to support this claim.

Many individuals, especially those in their teens to early twenties, claim to be vampires of some sort or another in a misguided effort to appear unique, be admired by friends, or to instill fear in some personal enemy. The vast majority of individuals I have spoken with are mistaken or intentionally misleading about their identities as vampires or PVs. Falsely claiming to be a vampire, psychic or otherwise, is quite often a dangerous and foolish act, which opens an individual up to a great deal of social ostracizing, harassment, public scrutiny, vandalism of personal property, threats up to and including death, and even retaliation by those you may be emulating. In other words, all the stress that actual PVs put up with should they make known their nature, plus a grudge by those real PVs who wish to keep their nature secret. I must advise anyone who falsely claims to be a vampire of any sort to reconsider his or her personal agendas. It is not wise to lay down in snake pit and pretend to be a snake.

PVs, like most people, are not "evil" by nature. There are malicious, dangerous PVs, yes, but there are just as many that are kind, loving people who are careful about their feeding. It is foolish, pseudo-religious nonsense to claim that any group of people, any class, creed or religion, is "evil" by their very nature. This is false, this is libelous, and this is harmful to everyone involved in such accusations.

As far as I am aware, PVs do not have any special powers, nor do they gain any through the act of feeding. Empathic responses may heighten or depress certain aspects of a PV's biological functions or mental state (such as increased tension or heart rate from feeding on a chronically anxious victim, or becoming melancholy and suffering loss of motivation after feeding on a suicidal depressive). This is, according to overwhelming evidence, a purely sympathetic response. There is no indication, however, that PVs gain any special knowledge of the victim after feeding, or become somehow more "powerful." Again, these claims are generally made by individuals unfamiliar with psychic vampirism, and should be carefully considered and evaluated before either being accepted or denied. It may be that should a PV feed on an individual with telekinetic abilities, some reaction may occur leading to the development of telekinesis in the PV. As of now, however, I have found no evidence to support these or similar claims and must therefore conclude that they are probably false.

PVs are also not subject to any of the mythological methods of controlling or subjugating vampires of legend. Crosses, garlic, running water, even wooden stakes are no more or less effective as a method of deterring a PV than any other human. Obviously, were some misguided individual to hammer a shaft of ash wood through the heart of a PV, that PV would die just as readily as anyone else would. Some PVs are in fact allergic to garlic, just as some PVs are allergic to bee stings. I have interviewed one PV during the course of this study who was obsessed with the vampire legends and myths, and this individual does sleep in a coffin, but is a cleanliness obsessive-compulsive and thus unable to complete his fantasy fulfillment by filling his bed with graveyard dirt, much to the relief of his disconcerted parents.

Aura-enhancing exercises, attempts to break the feeding of psychic vampires, and methods to bolster and empower the aura against such feedings, have no observable effect on true psychic vampirism. Though certain institutes who have studied psychic vampirism make these claims, it is generally understood that these are practices meant to help the victim of such attacks regenerate whatever auric energies they have lost to psychic vampirism. These practices do NOT stop or hinder the true PV during feeding. In fact, they generally promote ease and expediency of feeding, and when used during a PV attack, often cause more intense long-term effects in return for the short-term energy boost they provide. It is my understanding that the aura-enhancing exercises do not suddenly provide more energy from nowhere-the additional drain on the system to provide extra energy to the natural fields surrounding an individual creates additional stresses on the systems which manufacture these auras. And if these stresses are stacked with the stresses applied when victimized by a PV, it further weakens the fundamental structure of the aura and other related biotic energies. Though many people believe otherwise, I have come to this conclusion from direct observation and testing of these methods. These aura-enhancing exercises are best reserved for when the PV has finished feeding on an individual, to promote regeneration and new growth of the aura, and protection techniques are best applied beforehand. Protective practices merely act to bolster the existing aura with an additional buffer of energy, and unless a PV is feeding intensively on a single individual, these techniques should be enough to prevent serious damage to the aura. To visualize this concept, consider the armored vests issued to special military and police forces. This armor is meant to provide resistance to impact, such as from bullets fired at the wearer, in order to reduce the trauma incurred by such impact. They cannot prevent the gunshot from occurring, and are not meant to.

Oppressive organizations or individuals are not psychic vampires. A psychic vampire feeds on energies stolen from the biotic fields. Many individuals I have spoken with on this subject believe that damaging, exploitative, or oppressive individuals, organizations, governments, or international communities are forms of psychic vampirism. I cannot verify these beliefs, due to the fact that these entities do not "feed" on the biotic energies. Oppressing a source of energy and feeding on it are two very different things. One does not call a horse a carnivore because it tramples the snake, nor does one call a tiger a herbivore because it sharpens its claws on the tree. Even when an entity relies on the emotional response of a group or individual to reach a desired effect (such as inciting anger in a crowd to lead them to joining a coup d'etat against a government), this is not psychic vampirism. Only when an entity actually feeds on these energies does it become a PV.

And finally, a PV is any individual who is capable of learning to feed on biotic auras. I have observed individuals train themselves in this over time, becoming a PV with practice, and yet I have also seen individuals who claim to be PVs, have tried every method they were aware of, and even with coaching and guidance could not become a true PV. I have not been able to determine whether being a PV is due to a genetic trait (or defect), some side effect of being fed on by another PV, or some other unforeseen cause. I have read articles claiming that PVs are made, not born, and other articles claiming the exact opposite. I have not even been able to determine a majority opinion of the PVs I have spoken with on the subject. However, I have been able to determine a common thread amongst most PVs, which is an instance or history of exploitation of the empathic nature of the PV, leading to a reflexive vampiric response (often, but not always, the PV's first indication of their nature). If this is the condition, why is it that not all empathic people who are exploited or otherwise oppressed become PVs? I tentatively conclude that it is a mixture of some of the perceived conditions leading to psychic vampirism: a genetic trait or defect, which allows the potential to feed on external energy sources without physical interaction, then exposed to some environmental condition which causes fluctuations in the auric fields, prompting vampiric response. Realize that this is simply a best guess, not proven fact, and it may be some time before the actual cause of psychic vampirism is determined.

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