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Pages to do with various ways vampires have been reflected in the eyes of society and in myths and legends may be found in the Folklore~Culture section.  The ones in this area are relevant to mortal vampires and the realities of vampirism.  Some pages are online now but it's still very much under construction.

We made an effort to get permission from the original authors of all the articles here to re-post their work.  In some cases the author was unfindable or impossible to contact and we went ahead with adding the items, mostly older things we considered worth preserving.  If anyone has a problem with something being posted here please let us know and it will be removed.

Lastly things were added with an eye to them covering relevant information, being well presented, thought provoking or maybe just amusing.  Not every piece represents the views of da management; a few are quite contrary to it but are included as part of a wider picture.  ~Pleasant browsing~

On Mortal Vampires
Perspectives on the nature and existance of vampires

Real Vampires - Enygma

What Does It Mean to be a Vampire
     - Anshar Seraphim

Essence of a Vampire - Eve Kochel

Individual Perspectives on Vampirism

Matters Sang and Psi
Articles Relevant to Blood and Energy Vampirsm~Theory and Practice

Choosing and Finding a Donor - Lady CG

A Crimson Page - Blood of Course

Donoring - Musidora

Bleeding - Shortgoth

Bloodletting - BlackLight

Phlebotomy - Pages and Links

Blood Borne Pathogens - BlackLight

Sang and HIV Risk - Mark Cichocki

Animal Blood - Sarasvati

Blades, Wounds and Scarring - Shortgoth

The Feeding Dynamic - Blood Brother C

Controlling the Beast - Dragonflybynight

Anatomy of Blood Circulation - An Interactive Toy


One Vampire's Prayer - Sanguinarius

Understanding Energy - Anshar Seraphim

Psychic Vampirism - A.H.

Realizations of an Elemental Vampire - Shade

PsiFeeding: Sources, Perception & Draining of Energy

Shielding - SphynxCatVamp

Exsanguine Nation - Allen Greenfield

Incubi~Succubi - Vampirism : Sexuality

Medical~Biological - Of Possible Relevance

Psychological - Are We Mad

Coming Out of the Coffin - Sarasvati

I Don't Want to be a Vampire! - Lady CG
Religion~Philosophy~Magick and Mysticism~Origin Theories

Origin Theories
Wherefore Vampire

Exhuming the Vampire - Liam Rogers

The Vampire - H. S. Olcott

Vampire as a Path to Meaning - Liriel McMahon

Dragon in my Garage - Shortgoth

The Makings of Metaphysical Kinship
Tau Peristera de Magdalene

The Serpent's Kiss
Tau Heosphoros Iacchus & Tau Peristera de Magdalene

Aesthetics of Blood - Tau Peristera de Magdalene
(From : Liberi Sanguinis Luciferi)

The Opposition
They're Not All Just People Who Watch Too Much Buffy

Against Satanic Panics
Its Relevance to the Vampire Community

Vampire Hunters
Some people have seen too much Buffy

The Anunnaki, the Vampire, and the Structure of Dissent
by Marcus LiBrizzi

Community and Resources
Babylon After Sunset

Upcoming Events


Bloodletting and the Law

The Black Veil

Les Vamps ~ Les Cats


Raven Nighte

The original founder of Les Vampires was Raven Nighte, a sang vampire who was trying to come to terms with her own nature and formed a support group for others similar.  Back in 97-98 she founded a website Mortal Vampires, many of the pages from which have been tidyed up and preserved still available on the link below.  In 2000 Raven turned leadership of Les Vampires over to Musidora, later in partnership with Blacklight (who can be blamed for most of the website)

Raven Nighte