What a Vampyr Receives and What is Given

By  Allen Greenfield


This is an essay on blood and bions; endorphins and exsanguination, what is given and what is received in an energy exchange, be it sang or psi, but with emphasis on the sang. The essay is somewhat along the same theme-lines of my filmette "Blood and Orgone", and more or less assumes a clean and voluntary exchange between vampyr and donor, though I claim a certain amount of intensity, terror, pain and pleasure; domination and submission is physiologically necessary to fully derive benefit from the exchange on both sides of it, for reasons I will go into in the essay.

The classical vampire approaches his or her 'victim' and, with needle-like fangs, bites into the throat or breast of the mesmerized prey. There is something wrong with the "mesmerized" part - because, although many vampires have a charismatic magnetism that goes with the territory, the voluntary donor, bound in chain and leather, immersed in fear, pain, longing and sheer pleasure is a veritable font of blood-borne endorphins and adrenalin, the natural high and the natural excitant.

What does the vampire get, assuming clean blood, freely given? To be sure, blood "...is a (a non-Newtonian)fluid tissue containing many suspended cells and can be found flowing through the circulatory system transporting substances. These substances may include substances like amino acids and glucose, Serum albumin, clotting factors (to facilitate coagulation), Immunoglobulins (antibodies), other proteins, various electrolytes (mainly sodium and chloride),erythrocytes, heat from the respiring body organs and tissues and oxygen and carbon dioxide for respiration". Add a rush of adrenalin and endorphins and the vampire is getting much - some would say, what he or she needs to survive that non-vampires naturally have and they do not. But there may be more to this...the presence, in blood, of the essential living intelligent energy of the universe in its fresh and unpolluted form, known in Reichian circles as bions.

Reich Blood Test:  Ostensibly diagnostic component of orgonomic medicine (orgone therapy). The Reich Blood Test is a means of ascertaining overall energetic health.

"Its principle is that the morphology of erythrocytes indicates the energetic state of an organism at the time of their removal; red blood cells with bions (which resemble blue beads) at their center are abnormal. Proponents characterize bions as semi-living, bacterium-sized, vesicular manifestations of orgone and as the building blocks of cells."

To drink blood is to absorb living bion energy...the Orgone that is life itself. Living bion energy in its vital state is described as Orgone (see Wilhelm Reich's two-part "The Function of the Orgasm" for details). Degenerated Orgone becomes "Dor" a kind of anti-life energy. Orgone is identical with what, in the East, is referred to variously as prana, chi, bindu, et al, and in the West as the Odic Force or, especially in former times, simply 'the aethyr of space'.

Thus the sang vampire drinks directly not only the fluid tissue, but the aforementioned suspended cells such as amino acids, glucose,body heat issues and oxygen and carbon dioxide. At a primal level, he or she also experiences the ecstasy lost in cooked and preserved food substances, that millions of year old lizard brain joyousness of feeding on the fresh kill, though, of course, as with the vampire bat and other creatures of the mystic night, actual killing of the donor may not only be unnecessary, but undesirable. In that sense alone, the vampire is in touch with the primeval hunter-being that is largely lost in the bulk of humanity.

Most important, there is a transfer of living Orgone - bions, directly from the life-blood, and it is here, that, truly, "the blood is the life" (Heb Script.: Deut 12:23, Gen 9:4, Lev 17:10). Such blood-life- was perhaps thought too sacred to consume by men, and was reserved for the sacrificial offering, of humans in societies as diverse as the Moabite and Mayan, of animals in early Hebrew ceremonial.

The vampire is renewed. But what of the donor? Again, primal processes are in place. The receptive donor will have that admixture of fear and pleasure, of adrenaline and endorphins which is ecstatic and may account for much of the sexual imagery around vampiric legend, for this resembles orgasm both in its blood-physiology and and its dramatic outflow of fresh bions. It may also explain the attribution of "Mesmerization" in the donor.

Reich and his followers think that Orgone, because of a complex process of "orgasmic dysfunctionality" (Reich was a Neo Freudian Medical Doctor)--that is, a lack of fully responsive orgasmic "letting go," led to bottled up Orgone, which mutates into Dor (negative Orgone) which is responsible for lack of vitality and, ultimately, organic and psychological disease. The effect of orgasmic full functionality or exsanguination is, because Orgone is universal, the influx of new fresh Orgone into the donor, the "new blood of life" or, more poetically, the "blood of the New Covenant" which is fresh life. This may account for the legendary desire of donors to thereafter seek repeated encounters with the vampire, and the supposed prolongation of life ("the Dark Gift") in both vampire and donor.

Now, true exsanguination is the fatal process of total hypovolemia (blood loss). It is most commonly known as "bleeding to death." This would be advantageous neither to the vampire (loss of ready source of feeding, loss of the renewed vitality of the donor's life-blood) and, more obviously, the donor. But limited exsanguination from healthy donor to healthy vampyr is a source of renewal and ecstasy in both, if timed intelligently and not overindulged, it should, in fact, be a greater and greater source of vitality for both.

The psi vamp and donor require a bit of personal interjection here, though I am more of the sang school. In my practice as an energy transformer what I mostly do is, essentially, draw on energies present in the universe (prana or Orgone), channel these into myself, and through me into specific "activation points" on the recipient I am Working with, activating these latent centers (there are thought to be 360 such "points chauds" or hot points, not unlike acupuncture meridians), which then become self-guiding within the recipient. I also utilize in my Work the energies that come with the most ancient of Consecratory Egregores - a kind of "aged Orgone" (as opposed to depleted) passed on to the recipient by the ancient practice of the laying on of hands. The recipient is thereafter better able to transmit the Orgone at large in the universe, and to contain this energy without "overload" (which can be extremely dangerous).

It is beyond the scope of this essay to go into my own Work in this regard further, but with reference to the strictly psi-vamp and his or her donor, a similar exchange of energies takes place. The living prana-Orgone-life force within the donor is taken by the psi vamp, and done carefully and in certain limited amounts both drains the existing life energy of the donor and *by so doing* stimulates the further "production" of this same energy afresh in the donor, drawing on the limitless at-large Orgone in the universe to restore the donor. Both psi vamp and psi donor in effect are getting the same benefit of "new life's blood" but on a more aetherial level than the sang vamp. The process can have the immediacy and intimacy of the sang-donor exchange, and has the advantage of not risking the exchange of unhealthy fluids, but also - if the psi vamp is less than a master of his or her art/need, may lack some of the pain/pleasure fear/ecstasy alluded to in the sang process above.

A brief comment on vampire-donor relations where physically transmittable health risks *are* a factor, or are unknown and might be a factor. As those rare few who have engaged in both High Magick and Hardcore BDSM/Edge Play often discover, the properties of a donor's blood can radiate a lot more prana for a lot longer than one might think, in the course of "serious play" the dom extracts a small vial of the submissive's blood and carries it or wears it as a talisman. Carefully handled, little risk is involved, and what applies to the D/S blood-bond can apply just as well to the sang vamp and donor or, for that matter, the psi vamp and donor, if the blood is given in a ritualistic or intensely intimate manner (thus increasing and "fixing" the living energy).

In order to better understand the processes I discuss here, I have included below a few notes that should help clarify the (dark) matter.

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by Allen H. Greenfield