The Feeding Dynamic
by Blood Brother C

::bow, grin::

Dear Seekers and Friends:

Something's been on my mind... ::laughing:: Mainly, what I consider to be the *misunderstanding,* of the nature of... what we
are, and what we need.
As in, ::shrug:: Being Vampyre, has just as many potential drawbacks, or blessings, as being... ::sigh::: ...for lack of a more
politically correct term... nonvampyre...

I *know* I've stated that, before, in other posts... But-- ::grin:: I'm pondering yet another variation of that point... In particular,
I am thinking of vampire/vessel relationships--

A "permanent" bond of that type, need not be exclusive... However, it tends to run more smoothly, when the vessel is carefully
looked after.

The vessel *does* have extraordinary potential power over the vampire, simply by virtue of being *life,* love, sustenance,
prana and mana incarnate...

And then, of course, a prolonged relationship involving energy exchange, is a *serious* bond... A form of symbiosis. The
vessel *must* be protected, for that reason, among others...

To some extent, once such a feeding relationship becomes frequent and somewhat limited, the vessel *becomes a part* of the

::smile:: Yes, folks, that old cliché really *is* true... ::sly grin, raising an eyebrow:: You *are* what you eat.

This is one of many reasons, why one *should* be a "picky eater." ::tone firm and concerned:: Feeding on the wrong person,
even once, could prove a *dire* mistake-- even if the person in question, is "willing."

Feeding on a person with imbalanced energies, is *risky,* at best... It's especially precarious, if you yourself, are already
feeling "unsteady."

Yes, this *does* mean, *don't feed on drunks,* or anyone intoxicated on substances which may not agree with you.
This rule also applies, in a subtler way, to *spiritual* or *psychic* imbalances.

The etheric is intimately attached to the blood, in my opinion... I've experienced subtle but cumulative *personality changes,*
when I fed on someone repeatedly...

So, all you vamps, for own sake, please *choose wisely.* The vessel, is just as important, as *you* are. Feeding is the
penultimate bonding, even more intimate in its power, than sexual intercourse. (I use the term "intercourse," here, in its
broadest, most respectful sense. I realize there's more than "Tab A, Slot B," for some of us. ::grin::)

The bonds thus forged, can follow you for the rest of your life-- Obviously, it would be wise, to make those bonds *pleasant*
in nature.

If a relationship is ill-founded, and breaks up, *you* will suffer *far* more, than the vessel.

*Always* keep that in mind. It's yet another reason why I always treat a potential vessel-- or potential "child"-- with such
care, and much forethought...

Yes, everything I've said, also applies, in an even more profound way, to siring or vampire-vampire "sharing." ::gulp:: Only, uh,
vampire-vampire bonds, are *very* intense, and lasting, for *both* parties... Yes, there's evidence that such bonds, can even
follow you, into other lives, in *my* experience... ::blink:: You don't *have* to believe me, but you may want to consider this...
The next time you pledge your love in blood "forever"... ::voice thickening:: ...consider what that *really* means.

And... ::heavy chuckle, getting lighter:: ...on a more "here and now" note...
The *allure,* the glamour which potential "food" radiates for me, is incredibly powerful-- I'm just as affected by *that*
person's presence, as *they* are, by mine.

Indeed, the intimacy of such attraction, even on first focus, *shocks* me, sometimes... It jolts me. ::deep breath, eyes fluttering
closed a moment:: Shakes me to the roots of my soul, it seems--
::regathering his thoughts, blinking, speaking in a cooler tone, gaze clearer::
One of the reasons self-discipline, is *so* important, is this... feeling which a beautiful "impending dinner" can inspire, when he
or she displays signs of interest...
::sigh, smile, some happy sweet-torture memories, here::

The *vampire* is just as vulnerable as the *vessel.*
However, the vessel *offers.* There is great pride and beauty, in this offering--
Meanwhile, the vampire's part, is to *claim,* to *accept* this offering...

Therefore, the primary burden of control and guidance and restraint, is on himself (or herself) in regard to *both* the vessel,
*and* the self.

The vessel, at the moment of approaching, and then of being fed upon, is *not in a headspace,* energywise-- or in a position,
*physically-- to exert *any* control over themselves, *or* the vampire.

::shrug:: It's the nature of the dance. Primal, programmed into us... Trying to fight it, does no good, and frequently does harm...
::sigh, wan smile:: All we can do, is *see* how it is, and try to work with it, as responsibly and ethically, as we can.

So, ::running a hand over his hair:: responsibility and gentleness and thoughtfulness, are *crucial.* The vessel must trust, while
the vampire must be *worthy* of that trust. Such mutual responsibility, can be scary, for *both* parties... ::voice softer:: It's
important, though, that it be acknowledged.

In a frenzy of desire towards the vampire, sometimes an unsuitable vessel will say or do just about *anything,* including
shameful deceptions, in order to try to convince a vampire that it's "really okay"--

::wince:: Trust me. Such foolishness is pretty common, in my experience... I believe it may be part of the "lure"... It tends to
affect imbalance people, appropriately enough, in an imbalanced way... I learned that, the *hard* way. ::mild snort::

It takes a clear space in one's own mind, to resist the easy temptation of such people. No matter what *they* say, listen to
your "humanitas," not just "the Beast."

If you have an uneasy feeling about feeding, then *don't* feed on that person... ::sigh, grimace::

Easier said than felt, I know-- I've *been* there... I know what the deeper stages of the hunger, are like...

But, no matter how deep a hell being hungry is... ::lifting his chin, tone suddenly hard, eyes serious:: ...the hell of knowing you've
sold your soul, for a cup of poison from a tainted well, is *far* worse.

::shrug:: Been there, done that... once.


::your ally::
Blood Brother C

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