Poetry from Chris/Celtic Elf
Living Every Day
Calling You Home
Twin Flames

    Living Every Day

Living every day
Trying to stay above water
To not drown within despair
To let the darkness back in
Is my only fear

It creeps up on you
When you least expect it
Voices in your head
Telling you the pain can go away
So easily
If I just let go
To be free

I wonder if I would
Ever get the courage
To let go of this life
Release all the suffering
I have had to survive

My friends will be okay
They will get over when I am gone
I keep telling myself that
In each passing moment

I suffer through these episodes
Of darkness
Hoping for a light
To shake me out of it

Then you come along
Into my life
You make me feel
Love I have never known
You make me happy
When I am so sad

You are the only
Thing in this life
Keeping me from
Letting it all go
You are my heaven
You are my life
My everything

Calling You Home

Across the distance
I imagine you
Thinking of me
Me thinking of you
Holding you in my arms

Miles apart
Is what hurts my heart
Wondering when
We can touch one another again

Someday you will
Feel my embrace
Arms holding you
My warm embrace

Wet kisses all over
Like a drink
I can't put down
So addicting
But yet so wrong

My soul yearns for you
Everyday I get
A little closer
I fall more in love
With you

Never expected to
Feel this way
Butterflies in my stomach
Heart beats faster
Every moment
Of every day

Hoping for that happy ending
To touch your face
To see that smile
On your lovely face

Feeling your strong arms
Holding me tight
Without saying a word
Knowing what each
Others thoughts are
Calling you home my love

Can this be true?
Or is it just a dream?
Are we meant to be?
Or destin to fail

So much keeps us apart
Loving you more each day
You have my heart and spirit
If that is what you want
You have my love
Forever more
Calling you home my love

Twin Flames

His eyes glowed In the evening moonlight
As she whispered
Sweet nothings in his ear

Heart beating faster and faster
Like it would leap out of his chest
At the thought of her touch
To feel her warm embrace

Loneliness surrounds him
Day after day
Wondering if someone
Was out there
That could truly accept him
For the beast he has within

Never to love again
Or to feel a woman’s warm embrace
As he held her tight
He whispered “I love you”
Before she could
See his face
His fangs only came out
When he was angry at the world
He is no longer angry
Since she asked him
For more

But two bodies and souls
For eternity we will be bonded
As we are today
We will wait for one another
Forever more

I love you my sweets
When you call I will be there
Stand by you through all
This is who I am
Your wife
The one you
Have been waiting for
To spend your life

Our hearts beat as one
Throughout the centuries
No longer will we feel alone
Your spirit haunts me
Day after day

As I crave your gentle touch
The familiar feel
Of your cold hands
On my breasts
As you caress me
And kiss my face

Ever so gently
You hold me close
In your heart
Forever more
For I will
Never leave you
My love
Now that we found
On another

From your heart within
I will fill it with love
Joy and laughter
Our love will never die
It will live on
For an eternity
To never say “goodbye”


Here we go again, emotions pouring in, coming from all around
They are so scrambled, so strong, so painful but yet so profound
The feeling as though sometimes, I will fall face first to the ground
Emotions so raw, so new and so amazingly real
As though they are not yours, but mine to keep
The feeling is so surreal, my pulse beats faster
As though I have never felt it before
My head tingles, my heart pounds
My body feels electric, like I drank too much
And somehow I can not sober up
These voices in my head, scream these thoughts out to me
As I try to drown them out, they get much louder
All around me, so strong
I can not ignore, light headed again
Up and down, round and round I go,
Unsteady from all the thoughts that come on so suddenly
Walking the same path as my ancestors, did long ago
My questions still not answered, feeling a little disconnected
Looking back at the signs in the past, that I chose to ignore
Knowing now that I have good people around me, that help me stay sane
Ready to accept me for who I am, unlike those mundane around me
Afraid to be real, in anticipation of being shunned
I know once I open up what is to come
I hide my path from those around me, in fear
A much different life lies in front of me, if I just reach out