Poetry from Lady Arry'shanna-Selene Faibir
A Vampyres Need
A Gift of Tears
Passion, Pleasure and Reality

  A Vampyres Need
(My Song)

Touch me my dark love, feel me, reach into my soul and you'll see
I await you with outstretched arms and neck bared to your need.

In your arms I am free, free to fly from this cage of flesh and bone,
I am free to walk with the gods and sip on the wine of forever.

A taste of time within the glass, crimson and viscous, pouring out slowly.
like seduction itself we are life to one another, we become complete.

We are celebrated and made as bright and shining as the Sun and Moon,
we are as the stars in the heavens that great ships are guided by.

We are the morning and the evening star, the alpha and omega of love.
How poor are the mortals who do not know this love, who cannot share it.

I am made rich when you are with me and so poor when you are not.
This love, this all consuming fire is like a bolt of celestial lightning.

Seared through with your passion I am the vessel you fill with a kiss,
and then drain with the pressure of a fang placed upon my neck.

I am dark and light, of the now and not of it, all this and more,
a soul that flashes in the dark night with the fires of eternity.

So I await your need and it is my need made holy and fine and glorious.
Lover and loved, we are the night and the day made one in our lust

This love song for a Vampyre is taken out of time and space,
the song is sung as I set upon the furs of my bed and await his arrival.

This was inspired by and dedicated to Berinvönn Dærthledd.    2008


A Gift of Tears

Today I cried as if the world was about to end.
I cried with such wrenching pain that I thought
I would stop living from the agony of it.

I cried for the baby girl that had been neglected
and not loved for what she was.
I cried for the girl child that was
abused by people who should have loved her.

I cried for the young girl giving her
precious self in the hopes of finding love,
within the false passion of sex with so many strangers.

I cried for the young woman who married too young,
still a child & having children.
I cried for her as she gave her children away,
convinced she could not possibly be a mother herself.

I cried for her lost soul wondering if she had any place
in this world where everyone was smarter, better looking,
richer, and generally more deserving than she.

I cried for the lost hopes, and other things
I thought I had needed and wanted,
I cried and heard myself asking when the pain would end,
saying I could not stand anymore.

I cried as if my heart would break wanting to feel protected
and desired rather than always being the one who must protect,
who must defend, and who must do the careing and loving.

I cried raising my voice to the Goddess and asking her to
show me the way out of the pain, I cried when there was no answer,
trying to quiet myself lest I block an answering call.

I cried knowing I was the answer to my own question,
fearing I might still not be enough,
not able to meet the task, show the exapmle,
to be able to prove that there are worst things than being alone.

Having gone through the pain, after all of this
I could only say thank you for letting me live through it all,
and learning that I am what I am meant to be and I can still grow.
The Goddess is with me and she is trying to
let me make choices that will help me through my life.

  Passion, Pleasure and Reality

Listen to the sounds of the night, listen for the answer.... You are here because you seek something different, some essence of totality.... All around you there are sounds of sweet, pulsing liquidity.... Within this night are all the fears, agony, and passions of your dreams....

Can you hear the sound of your beating heart, and others...? Your thirst is the reality of life, your passion is possession.... If you can hear that sound you can hear eternity close at hand.... You are what you are, good bad or indifferent, you are what most mortals fear to be, all too human....

Come forth and see what the mirror has to show you, accept the beautiful truth.... Open yourself to the night and all that it offers to your lust and love.... State your passion, scream my name aloud, we share this fate, this thirst for life.... As you are so once was I, fragile & soft, warm and calm, come with me into the dark night....

Let the music enter your hands as you look at this page....
Within the beat of the music is the silent yearning of my soul reaching out towards you.... I am mist and memory, the sands of time surging through the glass towards sweet oblivion.... You have something hidden from the light, a secret that flames your passion, a key to your climax.... All you dream in the night is what I am, there is no secret you can hide from me, or will want too....

I am the keeper of secrets, the giver and taker of pleasure, I am the fulfilment of fantasies yet unexplored.... Prepare yourself for transportation, become pliant as well as strong, guide yourself into, & become a part of me.... I am life to you, your are life to me, we survive on the breath from each other, we become one.... Everything that shines from your eyes is what I become, I dance and turn in the night at your command....

Allow yourself to sink into the chair, then thrust forward to become one within me.... Stop counting the beats of your heart, feel the universe expand around us in glowing concert.... This moment suspends you in time, caught between adoration, realization, and flowing towards orgasm.... Feel my hands on your body, my lips caressing you, my warmth enveloping you, let me see into your soul, as you look within mine....

All work © Laney McCollum aka Lady Arry'shanna-Selene Faibir