Lady Angel

Section 1 : Beliefs and Definitions

Define vampire and vampirism.
A vampire is an individual who needs blood or energy to help them through the day/night.

Would you define vampires as human or non-human?
I believe that they are both.

Do you believe that there's more than one kind vampire? If so, what do you think those kinds are and what defines them?
Yes, I believe there are two types, one that doesn't care who they hurt and the other would be the ones who care about the ones who donate and realizes how precious life is.

Section 2 : Traits

Do you believe vampires are born, made, or some of each?
I am not sure on that, I have never asked my friend about that.

Do you believe non-vampires can be turned into vampires?
No, but I wish they could.

If you think non-vampires can be turned into vampires how might that be accomplished?

Do you think there are certain traits that all vampires share. What are they? If a self-proclaimed vampire doesn't exhibit these traits how would you classify them?
The taste for blood and to survive.

Section 3 : Sang~Psi~Self-Perception

How do you know you're a vampire, or if you're not, what would make you think someone else was one.
I am not sure how to answer that, because before I became a donor, I always had the taste for blood.

If your definitions include "energy," define "energy." If not, what do you believe the vampire draws sustenance from?
From the connect they get from their donors.

Have you ever consumed blood? If so, how does doing so effect you?
Yes, I have. It was invigorating, like a nice warm brandy on a cold night.

Do you believe in "psychic/psionic" abilities? If so, do you think vampires have enhanced abilities in this area?
Yes I believe in the abilities and also believe that they do have a certain psychic ability.

Do you believe that all vampires need to consume blood or that some can feed by tapping energy directly(psionically)?

Section 4 : Spiritual and Social

Do you follow a particular spiritual path and if so what is it?

Does your spirituality or religion have any relationship to vampirism? Do you believe that vampirism has a religious context or is a religion?
No and not sure

Do you believe in physical immortality, and if so can vampires be immortal? What about spiritual immortality?
I believe in both and I am not sure why, I just do.

What do you think would be the ideal relationships between vampires and society? What do you see the real relationship between vampires and society as being?
That is kind of hard to answer because a lot of people don't believe in them and think them evil. But it would be something to see.

Do you think there should be an overall community or organization for all vampires? If so how should it be structured? If not, why not?
I am not sure about that one, would have to think about it.