Khan - AncientKhan

Section 1 : Beliefs and Definitions

Define vampire and vampirism.
Vampirism is a condition in which the currently-inhabited human body requires an outside energy source to maintain its stability. Vampire is, of course, the defined soul, spirit, defined chi, et al... that perpetuates the act of vampirism.

Would you define vampires as human or non-human?
I actually classify it as both. The spirit is what makes us who we are. The body is the vessel which is affected by our affliction. Both are intertwined, yet not the same.

Do you believe that there's more than one kind vampire? If so, what do you think those kinds are and what defines them?
I believe there are myriads of different types, ranging from the more common sanguinarian and psychic, to those that feed off of attention, success, misery, or other conditions that adversely affect the body and spirit by not being fed.

Section 2 : Traits

Do you believe vampires are born, made, or some of each?
Vampires are born, or depending on your belief system, reborn. They cannot be made. Those who are fed from might show traits, if fed upon too much, but do not have the defined chi system to be one on their own.

Do you believe non-vampires can be turned into vampires?
Absolutely not

If you think non-vampires can be turned into vampires how might that be accomplished?

Do you think there are certain traits that all vampires share. What are they?
Common traits are their hunger to be fed, by whatever feeding system they deem required. Not all share any other truly definitive condition.

If a self-proclaimed vampire doesn't exhibit these traits how would you classify them?
By many terms, though most derogatory in nature. Wanting to belong to the abstract, uneducated, or just sheep do not a vampire make.

Section 3 : Sang~Psi~Self-Perception

How do you know you're a vampire, or if you're not, what would make you think someone else was one.
If you have to ask, you most likely aren't. Knowing comes from truth, and only the person affected will know such things.

If your definitions include "energy," define "energy." If not, what do you believe the vampire draws sustenance from?
Chi, prana, the ever-present being that sustains life.

Have you ever consumed blood? If so, how does doing so effect you?
Yes. The effect is relative to the type, amount consumed, and current physical status, prior to feeding. Its consumption adds stamina and durability to my physical host, as well as repairs certain damage. Not all are affected the same, obviously.

Do you believe in "psychic/psionic" abilities? If so, do you think vampires have enhanced abilities in this area?
Yes, they exist. Some are more perceptive to these abilities, relative to their understanding of themselves.

Do you believe that all vampires need to consume blood or that some can feed by tapping energy directly(psionically)?
Some are not physically or psychologically capable to consume blood. The reasons are too various to name.

Section 4 : Spiritual and Social

Do you follow a particular spiritual path and if so what is it?
I follow a Taoist philosophy of spirituality, combined with a few others from different cultures, such as voodoin, Confucianism, and a bit of Buddhism

Does your spiritualiy or religion have any relationship to vampirism? Do you believe that vampirism has a religious context or is a religion?
It's relative, in regard to ethics and principles. All religion is based either off of personal life experience, or learned from others. Vampirism, itself, is a condition, not a religion.

Do you believe in physical immortality, and if so can vampires be immortal? What about spiritual immortality?
I don't believe anything is immortal. If it has a start, it has an end. That might come after tanscending multiple lifetimes. The physically inhabited body? No

What do you think would be the ideal relationships between vampires and society?
Just what it is today. A story to entertain the masses, yet a riddle, surrounded by mystery and cynicism.

What do you see the real realationship between vampires and society as being?
See above.

Do you think there should be an overall community or organisation for all vampires? If so how should it be structured? If not, why not?
Absolutely not. I believe in networks, and co-habitation of the different schools of thought, but a structured organization would be the ruination of us all. We already have a community. That should suffice.