Section 1 : Beliefs and Definitions

Define vampire and vampirism.
A vampire is an individual who has specific needs not met by vitamins, food, or diet. These individuals thrive on either blood (human, preferably, but bovine or porcine in a pinch), or human emotions and/or emotional content.

Would you define vampires as human or non-human?
I define vampires as other. We are of human stock, but, our needs, abilities and habits preclude average or normal human behavior.

Do you believe that there's more than one kind vampire? If so, what do you think those kinds are and what defines them?
There are, arguably, two types of vampires. The psychic vampire, which feeds on emotions and/or emotional energies. The sanguinary vampire which, by nature, habit, or choice, feeds on blood.

Section 2 : Traits

Do you believe vampires are born, made, or some of each?
I believe that some become vampires through genetic architecture or through choice (though I do question the validity of someone who "chooses" to be a vampire).

Do you believe non-vampires can be turned into vampires?
No. Again, part of it is genetic disposition. Those who "choose" to be vampires may not of a necessity "be" vampires.

If you think non-vampires can be turned into vampires how might that be accomplished?
See above

Do you think there are certain traits that all vampires share. What are they? If a self-proclaimed vampire doesn't exhibit these traits how would you classify them?
First off, the burning sun, the cross, the holy water schtick is purely psychosomatic. There are no actual effects caused by any of these things. Yes, a vampire is usually stronger than most people you will meet. They may even be far more intelligent than your average joe schmoe. Some are actually more beastial than human. There is no particular set of recognizable attributes. A stronger will, quicker reactions, a more regimented diet of raw meats, fewer vegetables. This could describe a non-vampire as well. There are medical conditions which require a person to eat raw meat for the protein, as well as conditions which cause sensitivity to light.

Section 3 : Sang~Psi~Self-Perception

How do you know you're a vampire, or if you're not, what would make you think someone else was one.
For myself, blood affects my perceptions. If there is a cut or bleeding, open wound, it occupies my attention, almost completely. My imbibing of blood gives me the feeling of ecstasy, a surge of energy, life on tap. It's like I can do anything I want, dominate anyone I want.

If your definitions include "energy," define "energy." If not, what do you believe the vampire draws sustenance from?
Imagine a warmth that flows down your throat, electrifying you, jolting into your spirit and soul. It's like being plugged into an electric current that you can drink! I'm not sure how a psychic vampire would be affected.

Have you ever consumed blood? If so, how does doing so effect you?
See above.

Do you believe in "psychic/psionic" abilities? If so, do you think vampires have enhanced abilities in this area?
I believe that some vampires are psychic/psionic. Not everyone has these abilities. Mine are analytical.

Do you believe that all vampires need to consume blood or that some can feed by tapping energy directly(psionically)?
Yes, I've covered that in a section above. I know of both types and have been the subject of at least one psychic vampire.

Section 4 : Spiritual and Social

Do you follow a particular spiritual path and if so what is it?
My own. I've been thrown out of 13 churches and 3 psychiatrists offices. They could not deal with my thirst, my blood rage, or the whatever it is that happens to me. I get some kind of look on my face and they totally leave me alone.

Does your spirituality or religion have any relationship to vampirism? Do you believe that vampirism has a religious context or is a religion?
Religion has affected the perception of vampirism. Vampirism has imaginary limitations set by religion. There is a medical condition called photo sensitivity. People who have this condition upon exposure to sunlight exhibit 2nd degree burns. The cross, holy water, sunlight, and garlic do not affect me more than normal. I can drink holy water, hold a cross without injury, walk in bright daylight and eat garlic bread with no effect.

Do you believe in physical immortality, and if so can vampires be immortal? What about spiritual immortality?
First off, without an extreme microbiotic makeover, physical immortality won't happen. Extended lives, yes. The spirit is immortal regardless of what we do or don't do; what we believe or don't believe will have an effect upon our spirits.

What do you think would be the ideal relationships between vampires and society? What do you see the real relationship between vampires and society as being?
The ideal relationship would be: the mortals realize they have something we need: blood. Find out who would be donors. See which ones would be willing to be a sanguinary vessel, a blood bottle, so to speak. Someone who would allow a certain amount of fresh blood to be drained from them on a weekly basis. This would be strictly on a volunteer basis. Just like donating plasma. Reality? An open suggestion like this would get more than a few people killed and a number, if not all, societies of vampires banned or destroyed.

Do you think there should be an overall community or organization for all vampires? If so how should it be structured? If not, why not?
Personally, there should be. But it should be structured so that only one person in each community would know of only one or two other communities. Think of the French Resistance during WW2.