Angelina Todd

Section 1 : Beliefs and Definitions

Define vampire and vampirism.

Vampire: A term used to describe a person who draws energy from blood, sex, or the energy of others.
Vampirism: A practice of using blood, psychic energy or sexual energy to obtain energy from a donor, for lack of better words.

Would you define vampires as human or non-human?

I would define a Vampire as being human.

Do you believe that there's more than one kind vampire? If so, what do you think those kinds are and what defines them?

Sanguine, those who derive energy from blood

psy-psi those who derive energy from taking and exchanging energy from another human.

Sexual, those who derive energy from sex

Section 2 : Traits

Do you believe vampires are born, made, or some of each?

Like Witches, some say they are born, others say they are made; quite possibly they could be both. This is not to say that it is something that occurs in utero but it could be a remembering of bits and pieces of consciences from other lifetimes lived. With that said it could also be an energy exchange, (taking, giving) if you will to make a vampire....... I am not sure but would be quite interested to know if indeed there is some sort of genetic pre-disposition that causes vampirism.

Do you believe non-vampires can be turned into vampires?

Honestly, I am not sure. I would be under the assumption that there would have to be some sort of energy, or lack thereof, or some sort of auric field that would mirror that of a vampire in order to be made one.

If you think non-vampires can be turned into vampires how might that be accomplished?

Again, I would say there would have to be some sort of innate predispostion that lies within, perhaps one who has not awakened yet.

Do you think there are certain traits that all vampires share. What are they? If a self-proclaimed vampire doesn't exhibit these traits how would you classify them?
I would think there would be a commonality of traits albeit different. Not all vampires are going to share the exact same traits. Some traits might include: acute senses, smell, hearing, etc... lighter skin tone, cold hands, auras fields, energy or lack of etc. Being as I am new to the awakening stages myself I am not sure what you would call one that does not show the traits unless it is one who has not awakened.

Section 3 : Sang~Psi~Self-Perception

How do you know you're a vampire, or if you're not, what would make you think someone else was one.

I derive intense pleasure and energy from blood, only a few drops and sex. As far as knowing someone else would be a vampire it would be the feeling or aura that I could feel or see being around them. Vampires seem to have a bit more intensity than most.......that is my opinion.

If your definitions include "energy," define "energy." If not, what do you believe the vampire draws sustenance from?

I would describe energy as a lifeforce, pranic or chi. a vibrational feeling that one emits.

Have you ever consumed blood? If so, how does doing so effect you?

Yes, To be very candid it is almost like becoming high, a rush or blast of life running through me.

Do you believe in "psychic/psionic" abilities? If so, do you think vampires have enhanced abilities in this area?

Yes I do and not necessarily. I am not psychic but I am very intuitive. I would think that Vampires are more open to feeling the energy from others but that does not mean that the Vampire is psychic.

Do you believe that all vampires need to consume blood or that some can feed by tapping energy directly(psionically)?

No I do not believe that they all need blood and yes they would be able to tap directly into energy from another person to feed.

Section 4 : Spiritual and Social

Do you follow a particular spiritual path and if so what is it?

Yes, I have been a practicing Witch for over 20 years.

Does your spirituality or religion have any relationship to vampirism? Do you believe that vampirism has a religious context or is a religion?

Being as most religion is manmade, yes, Vampirism can be made into a religion is there is a will to do so. As far as I know my beliefs to not bear any relationship to Vampirism other than being more accepting of those who are Vampires.

Do you believe in physical immortality, and if so can vampires be immortal? What about spiritual immortality?

Physically, no, spiritually yes. Again, I think you come to that which you remember from other lifetimes and with each lifetime, you grow stronger to that which you are.

What do you think would be the ideal relationships between vampires and society? What do you see the real relationship between vampires and society as being?

As far as society, I would think that often times society fears that which they have no knowledge of. Ideally, it would be nice if Vampires were thought of as just humans who lack energy, again for lack of better words, however in many cases the first thing one might think of is the Hollywood Vampire or simply that the one claiming that he/she is a Vampire is a lunatic. A better understanding of what we are and what we do would be a nice thing.

Do you think there should be an overall community or organization for all vampires? If so how should it be structured? If not, why not?

Quite honestly, I don't know. A community, I really like my privacy and I am sure others feel the same. However an organization, that might be a possibilty. As far as structure, that I am not sure. I could say branches of an organization but that might only be in a perfect world. I would think groups like the AVA would be a form of an organization to an extent. In my opinion, that is nice for those who are in the Atlanta area. Any time those of likemind can gather to converse, it is always a good thing.