lesV PsiFeeding: Sources, Perception & Draining of Energy
by SphynxcatVamp



A lot of people ask me what the energy feels like when I¹m working with it. I have always replied that how I feel energy won¹t necessarily be how anyone else feels it - and I still believe this, because there are essential differences between how I perceive things and what I see described by other sources. This doesn¹t mean that anyone is necessarily wrong or right - only that how we interpret things is not the'same. While other people may see energy in colors or shapes or anything else, I'm aware primarily of textures and'sometimes'strength or temperature.

How do I perceive energy? Well, when it's flowing normally, it's very reminiscent of a light summer breeze or a light breeze from a fan indoors - very light and wispy, with little'solidity to it. However, it ebbs and flows like water currents in a larger body of water - although, to me, it does not seem to be affected by phases of the moon as large bodies of water are. Sometimes, the energy even has a strong and/or variable texture (spiky/thorny, 'slimy, 'smooth, 'solid, 'spongy, 'squishy, and so on) when it comes from people. Part of that variance will come from others' moods, and part will come from their "inner self," what kind of person they really are. It takes time and practice to tell, but you can eventually learn which are "good people" and which are 'bad people' - terms that will, by the way, always be relative to your frame of reference - and the "bad people" will give you a bad vibe that is often described as "the creeps" or "the heebie jeebies."

Natural or man-made energy may also have a texture, but it tends to be more constant - with very little variance - and is usually stronger. Lightning bolts, obviously, have a shorter physical duration (in this case, by physical I mean potentially measurable by normal physical devices) than the ambient power surrounding a generator, power plant, or high-power electrical wires.


There are various ways to go about this, mainly dependent upon the visualizations that work for you. Whether you imagine a straw, a vacuum, or'something'similar - that part I leave entirely up to you . For me, it often feels like a breeze is blowing in my direction, or like ghostly water is pouring over me. Sometimes there's a temperature feeling to it and sometimes it's just like a wave of goose bumps. You may or may not experience the flow of energy in the same manner I do, you'll just have to be more aware of the sensations you get when draining energy to find out for yourself.

When draining from people, I prefer large groups - nightclubs, parties, roller rinks, concerts, and so forth - so I can "skim off the top" and pick up the cast-off excess. Large groups ensure that I'm not unintentionally having an adverse affect on any particular individual.

When I have a choice, I do prefer man-made non-human or natural sources over people - they're steadier, more constant. These sources are always the same strength, and there's more of this energy to tap into, so I worry less about the effect I will have on any particular individual.


Thunderstorms, natural "pools" of energy/ley lines/etc. Some people get energy from what they describe as the "divine" or a "white light" source. I'm not aware of experimenting with what other people describe as this "white light" source, only varying types of energy in nature, so I can't speak for that personally. I suppose it's possible I tap into it, but it's not something I'm aware of doing.

High power lines, major power plants, or other concentrations of man-made electricity. Note that you do NOT need to be in physical contact with these sources, as quite often there is a charge in the ambient air surrounding it. Physical contact can actually be dangerous - remember the old adage about not playing near power lines? Just because you're able to "leech" the excess electricity in the air doesn't mean you won't get burned - and burned badly - by an electrical substation, high power line, or some other'source of electricity. If you are aware on some level of the electrical charge in the air, then you're close enough.

Most healthy people give off an outer layer of excess energy, sort of like a full, uncovered cup that sloshes on you while carrying it. There are multiple layers of this, so here¹s a brief rundown using my terminology, which is by no means official - others can and do use different terms.

Outer Level
This level rejuvenates quickly, but even normal activities'such as walking will also drain it. After a night of'solid rest, though, the drained person will be just fine, with no damage. My method of skimming off the top refers to energy from this level, and it is usually what is cast off (outside personal levels) by people to become part of the ambient energy in the area.

Inner Level / Life Force
This level could probably be considered the real life force of the person - if you¹re careful, neither of you will come to harm, and the primary effect will simply be tiredness. However, if you drain this level too far, the person will get tired, and you run the risk of making them sick, whether short-term or long-term, and of aggravating any existing physical illnesses they already have. During certain...bedroom activities...as well as other activities, energy from this level can be made more accessible,'sort of like an adrenaline rush.

Core Level / Soul
Some say there's a third, innermost level that is closest to the person's vital essence or soul energy. Whatever it really is, I don't advise tampering with it, because it's so deep inside a person. There¹s a potential for harm to the person, whether immediately obvious or not, and there are plenty of other ways to get the energy you need.

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