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The Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) scares of the 1980's and early 1990's should have given us all pause. Innocent lives were ruined and children taken from families on evidence generated by faulty investigative techniques and the excessive zeal of witch--or rather Satanists hunters. Almost all the convictions stemming from the SRA trials including the infamous McMartin case have been overturned but the damage to those affected can't be undone.

A recent sharp swing towards the right in politics along with a worldwide trend in Christianity away from the more liberal inclusive forms in favor of fundamentalist doctrinaire versions points to a strong possibility of another witch hunt looming on the horizon. The precise form it may take remains to be seen. Most members of the vampire community aren't Satanists. Some are. Regardless, those living a vampire lifestyle are vulnerable to such witch hunts in all the ways Satanists or pagans are with a few additional wrinkles particular to vampires.

'The vampire cult is the last and most damnable step in the exploration of Satanism.'
- William Schnoebelen, conservative Christian author and lecturer

Technically in many states drinking or drawing blood is illegal. Cutting or doing anything else to draw blood regardless of the consent of the donor may legally be classified as assault. By a similar token the sexual activities of most Americans involve illegal acts. For the most part these laws are never enforced. Haven't been enforced so far rather but the potential exists for some politician to make an issue of it. How many politicians, even the most liberal, would be likely to take a stand in defense of sanguinarianism. Mental health professionals view vampirism as a form of insanity for the most part. Some Christian groups take vampirism more seriously; they view vampires as being possessed by demons or as practitioners of witchcraft who should be be eradicated. In their eyes a vampire would be seen as one of the worst manifestations of Satanism, fringe sexuality and/or demonic possession. Anyone in the vampire community with children or who has a job with a security clearance has cause for concern, but more widely any of us who live in this world.

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by John Shelby Spong

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How the ‘secular’ Character Training Institute is working to build evangelist Bill Gothard’s vision of a First-Century Kingdom of God—one city, one state, one school board, one police force and one mind at a time.

A Budding New “Satanic” Panic and the Pagan Community
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Other, More Aggressive Kinds of "Spiritual Warfare"

Verbatum from Signs of a Growing New Satanic Panic by Diane Vera :

"So, a renewed witchhunt against "Satanism" will most likely mutate into new forms.

Insofar as future Satanic panics involve false criminal accusations, I would expect to see more cases like the West Memphis Three (in which a teenage metalhead was assumed to be guilty of a bizarre triple murder, apparently just on account of being a metalhead and an all-around oddball), rather than like the McMartin Preschool case. There still seem to be lots of folks in the Bible Belt who assume that any kid who wears black is a Satanist and that Satanists are prone to all manner of violent crime.

I would expect future Satanic panics to feature not only false criminal accusations, but also, and perhaps even more so, various encroachments on the rights of religious minorities, plus a lot of attempts to censor popular children's literature, rock music, etc."

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