From Light to Dark
by Mirsoul
Come unto me, into enlightenment,
into the shade of immortality.
Everlasting darkness,
Everlasting comfort,
That which will purify.
Come, quench your thirst,
For we shall drink deep at the
fountain of wisdom.
I am strong, no longer do I stumble.
I have been to the pool of knowledge,
and many things have I seen.
I am the one sought by all.
I am sorrow, pain, and the sinner,and passion.
I an the sin, and the sinner,
Yet I can purify your soul.
I am love, I am life, come unto me,
I will bring you in from the relentless light,
Ease your eyes, rest with me.
Share with me your source.
I have left the light,
I am the Darkness.
I am the Vampire.