LV Timeline

Life and Reign of Vlad III of Wallachia


Seal of the Order of the Dragon     Birth of Dracula
Nov 1430

Vlad Tepes, son of Vlad is born in Sighisoara, Wallachia, a principality in southern Transylvania.
Shortly afterwards his father is invested into The Order of the Dragon.  Because of this connection the father was later nicknamed "Dracul" and Vlad called "Dracula" or Son of the Dragon.

Vlad Dracul obtains the Wallachian throne, assassinating his stepbrother Alexandru Aldea.  The Ottoman Empire is at war with the Christian states of the Balkans, most notably Hungary, and Wallachia is a battleground, a small state trying to maneuver between its more powerful neighbors.

    Child Hostage to the Turks

Accused of disloyalty by a Hungarian faction, Vlad II is removed from the throne.  Dracula, along with his father and brothers, is imprisoned by the Turks.

Dracula's father is returned to the throne of Wallancia with the help of Turkish connections.   Dracula, now 12 and his younger brother Radu (The Handsome) are taken as hostages by the Turks to guarantee his loyalty, a common practice of the time.

Turks take Greece

Vlad II and his son Mircea are assassinated by rebellious boyers for their semi-pro-Turkish policy, probably at the behest of John Hunyadi of Hungary.  Hunyadi invades Wallachia and ousts the Turks.  Hunyadi places his own puppet, Vladislav II on the Walachian throne.

    Dracula's First Brief Rein

The Sultan releases Dracula and gives him an army.  Radu opts to remain in Turkey, a convert to Islam and apparently loyal to the Sultan.
The Turks take the Balkans except Albania.

Nov 1448
Vlad Dracula is placed on the Wallachian throne by the Sultan as his puppet ruler.   He is 18.

Hunyadi invades Wallachia with the Hungarian military and ousts the Turks.
Dracula flees to Moldavia and the protection of his cousin Bogdan II(Prince Stephan).

Constantinople falls.
Stephan is assassinated and Dracula, taking a gamble, flees to Hungary.  Hunyadi pardons him and puts him forward as the Hungarian candidate for the throne of Wallachia.

    Dracula's Second Rein

Hungary invades Serbia to drive out the Turks, and Dracula simultaneously invades Wallachia with his own contingent.  Both campaigns were successful,
Vladislav II is executed.  Dracula obtains the throne for the second time at age 25.  His reign of terror truly begins.

Matthias Corvinu succeeds John Hunyadi as King of Hungary
The Turks conquer Athens.

The Easter massacre; Dracula has 30,000 Boyars and merchants killed, mostly by impalement.  Others not killed are put to work as slave labor rebuilding Dracula's castle.

Attack upon Brasov, Romania

Successful campaign against Turkish settlements along the Danube, Summer retreat to Tirgoviste.

    Dracula's Imprisonment

Just before the battle at Dracula's castle his wife commits suicide by jumping into the river.  Dracula flees to Transylvania to begin 13 years of imprisonment in Hungary.  The Turks leave Wallachia, first installing Vlad's brother Radu on the throne as a vassal.

Michel Beheim recites his poem "Story of a Bloodthirsty Madman Called Dracula of Wallachia" to the Holy Roman Emperor, Fredrick III.   Biographies of Dracula are first printed in Vienna and became the first horror bestsellers.

Vlad converts to Catholicism to take a Hungarian Noblewoman as a wife so he can get out of prison and to become a candidate to his throne.

Vlad's brother, Radu The Handsome is deposed by Berasab the Old, a member of the Hungarian Danesti clan.

    Dracula's Third Reign

Vlad invades Walachia with the help of Transylvania and Modavia obtains the throne for the third time

    Dracula's Death
Dec 1476

The Turks again attack and Vlad Dracula at age 46, is killed in the fighting near Bucharest.
Sultan Mehmed II displays Dracula's head on a pike in Istanbul to show everyone the dreaded Kaziglu Bey is really dead.