by David Icke

Saturday, January 20th, 2001, will be remembered as a dark day for human freedom - the day that George W. Bush took the oath on the same Freemasonic Bible used by George Washington and became the 43rd President of the United States.

It is not George W. Bush that is truly the problem, it is all that he represents. Bush ("Shrub") is president in name only, of course. The real power is with others behind the scenes, like his father George Bush and those of even greater authority than he, like Henry Kissinger and other leg-men for the Illuminati.

We can see this clearly in the people the Shrub has appointed to "his" cabinet. It is like a roll call of Illuminati placemen that served under his father and other child abusers, rapists, and serial killers like Gerald Ford. Alongside them are a stream of Illuminati operatives from corporate America, including ALCOA, the Aluminum cartel controlled by the infamous Mellon family, those close friends of the British royal family. It is ALCOA and the Mellons who gave us fluoride, a poison and mind suppressant, in public drinking water.

Shrub's vice-president, Dick Cheney, was his father's Defense Secretary and together they launched the "NATO" (British-American) war on Iraq in 1991. Cheney, as exposed by Cathy O'Brien in Trance-Formation of America, is yet another mind controller, child abuser, and serial killer. Colin Powell, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was America's highest military commander during the Gulf War and you do not get to that level unless you know what people like Father George and Cheney are involved in. Powell, like the Bushes and Cheney, is bloodline and that's why he is to be the new Secretary of State. Given that line-up and their mentality and agenda, don't be at all surprised if the United States finds itself in another manipulated war during this administration. You will see "monsters" being created in the public mind to justify such action.

The Bush inauguration marks the start of the massive push by the Illuminati to further their agenda for a global fascist state. You will see this clearly unfolding in the next 24 months and, as usual, watch what they do, not what they say. The Bush administration will be a cold, calculating, vicious, period of human history. I know people who have met the Shrub during his period as Governor of Texas and cold, calculating, and vicious, as well as staggeringly unintelligent, are words they chose to describe him. But those who will be dictating the actions of his presidency make him look like a puppy dog. Or maybe lapdog would be more appropriate.

Even many of those who still deny any evidence of a global fascist state emerging before our eyes will be shocked out of their comatose state by the time the Shrub leaves office. Indeed, probably long before.

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by Cathy O'Brien

& Mark Phillips

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