There are many people, who, over the centuries, have imitated vampiric actions through crime. Most of these individuals, who may be titled "real" vampires in popular palance, have manifested symptoms of what psychologists refer to as "hematomania," a blood fetish, or "clinical vampirism", a compulsion to consume blood. Psychological and sometimes sexual needs require blood to be met and satisfied. Occasionally, the "vampires" are also known to eat human flesh as well as consume the blood.

Many people with this condition have, presumably, found legal means to satisfy their habits and obtain the blood. A willing donor, or on occasion, the draining and storage of one's own blood for later use and consumption are two among possible ways these needs might be met. However, there are those that turned to crime and unlawful methods for meeting and satisfying their blood fetish. A few among them have joined the West's most notorious serial killer list. The vampiric "hematomania" related crime stream was precedented with the career of Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614), who is alleged to have killed more than 600 people for their blood.

As the vampire archetype evolved in popular awareness in the 19th century, the vampire criminal emerged apace. During the twentieth century, a number of vampiric crime reports have surfaced, and of these, a few have become famous. Many other cases however received very little notice.


Elizabeth Bathory : The Blood Countess

Cases From Psychopathia Sexualis

Fritz Haarman : Vampire of Hanover

John George Haigh : The Acid Bath Killer

Rod Ferrel : Vampire Clan

Nico Claux : The Vampire of Paris

Andrei Chikatilo : Fifty-five Victims in Russia

Daniel and Manuella Ruda : German Satanic Couple


A listing of some lesser known vampyric crimes:

1861 Martin Dumollard of Montluel, France - Convicted of murdering several young girls whose blood he drank and executed.

1872 Vincenzo Verzeniof Bottanaucco, Italy - Sentenced to life imprisonment in two cases of murder and four of attempted murder. He confessed that drinking the blood of his victims gave him immense satisfaction.

1897 Joseph Vacher of Bourg - While on a walking tour of the country, he killed at least a dozen people and drank their blood from bites in their neck. He was finally captured, convicted, and executed.

1916 Bela Kiss, of Czinkota, Hungary - Following a notice that she had been killed in World War I, neighbors searched her property and found the bodies of 31 individuals, all of whom had been strangled. Each corpse possessed puncture wounds in the neck and had been drained of blood.

1947 Elizabeth Short of Hollywood, California - Murdered and her body dismembered; later examination discovered that her body had been drained of its blood.

1952 Estelita Forencio of Passi, Iloilo Province, the Philippines - Arrested for attempted murder; she bit a number of people and then sucked the blood from their wounds. She said that she had acquired the urge from her husband, and that it came on her at regular intervals.

1959 Salvatore Agron, a 16-year-old resident of New York City - Convicted of several murders that he carried out at night while dresses as a Bela Lugosi-style vampyre; he claimed to be a vampire in court. He was executed for his crimes.

1960 Florencio Roque Fernandez of Manteros, Argentina - Arrested after more than 15 women said someone had entered their bedroom, bit them, and drank their blood.

1969 Stanislav Modzieliewski of Lodz, Poland - Convicted of seven murders and six attempted murders. One witness against him was a young woman he attacked, who pretended to be dead while he drank blood from her. Modzieliewski confessed to thinking that blood was delicious.

1971 Wayne Boden - Arrested for a series of murders that began in 1968. In each case he had handcuffed the victim, raped her, and then bitten her and sucked blood from her breast.

1973 Kuno Hoffman of Nurnburg, Germany - Confessed to murdering two people and drinking their blood and to digging up and drinking the blood of several corpses. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

1979 Richard Cottingham - Arrested for raping, slashing, and drinking the blood of a young prostitute. It was later discovered that he had killed a number of women, in most cases biting them and lapping thier blood.

1980 James P. Riva - Shot his grandmother and drank the blood coming from the wound. He later claimed that he had heard the voice of a vampyre who told him what to do and promised him eternal life.

1982 Julian Koltunor Warshaw, Poland - Sentenced to death for raping seven women and drinking their blood, two of whom he killed.

1984 Renato Antonio Cirillo - Tried for the rape and vampyre-style biting of more than 40 women.

1985 John Crutchley - Arrested for raping a woman whom he had held prisoner, drinking much of her blood. It was later discovered that he had been drinking the blood of more willing donors for many years.

1987 A jogger in San Francisco park was kidnapped and held for an hour in a van while a man drank his blood.

1988 An unknown woman picked up at least six men over the summer in the Soho section of London. After returning home with a victim, she slipped drugs into his drink, cut his wrist and sucked his blood while he was unconscious. The woman was never arrested.

1991 Marcelo da Andrade of Rio de Janeiro - Killed 14 young boys, after which he drank their blood and ate some of their flesh.

1991 Tracy Wigginton of Brisbane, Australia - Convicted of the vampyre murder of Clyde Blaylock. She stabbed him and then drank his blood. Wigginton was a lesbian who claimed to be a vampyre and regularly drank blood from her friends.

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