Authentic Vampire Killing Kits
(Some kits are hoaxes-see notes below)

These kits were reported to have been sold in some central European hotels and at the Great Exhibition in London of 1851. This one comes complete with revolver, silver bullets manufactured by Belgian gunsmith Nicolas Plomdeur, garlic powder, silver dagger, ivory cross, mirror, Professor Blomberg's New Vampire Serum and wooden stake etc. in a mahogany box.

vampire hunters kit, cira 1850

A Genuine 19th Century Transylvanian Kit
With garlic oil syringe and pliers for fang removal

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A disputed version - Possibly a 1920s hoax
Victorian Era Vampire Slayer's Kit

19th Cent. Vampire Slayer's Kit
The "Professor Blomberg" Vampire Killing Kit Hoax

Author : Michael de Winter