goyle invoke goyle

What They Say

What They Mean
Do What Thou WiltFine, don't do it my way, it'll be wrong
Take your fill of Love as Thou Wilt Wanna Screw
It's beyond your gradeI don't know
Meditate on itI really don't know
It's a blindNo one knows
It's revealed wisdomHe made it up
Their rituals are too old aeon There's not enough sex and violence
In terms of physical phenomena the ritual was a successPeople got drunk and trashed the house
Your lecture was very informativeHow many oaths did you break with that?
Our ritual tonight should be quite powerfulI got it out of my little sister's D&D book
The new rituals are very innovative and true to Crowley's vision We changed two words in the L.B.R
Taking part in this rite will accelerate your progress on the path to your True WillYour husband will leave, you'll loose your job, a meteor will hit your house and your dog will die
The Coven is very independentThe High Preist is planning to overthrow the Preistess and return to inquisition age Christianity
That is how Crowley intended it to beI don't have a good reason and am too stoned to make one up
The Temple has an incredible amount of energyThey haven't learned to do banishings
The ritual went as usualThere were 3 philisophical shcisms, 2 magickal duels to the death, an impromptu Great Rite on the kitchen table and the cops busted us for noise
I have made sure that all my degrees are kept in plain sight for all to see how hard I've worked to get this Coven togetherI'm trying to get laid
Our High Priest is off on a personal quest to become more in touch with the GodheadThe vice squad picked him up in a 15-year old transvestite hooker's bed trashed off his ass on crack and tequila

by  Damien Alexander

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