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The pics of poetic gentlemen seen below were from a goth clothing catalog, un-humorously intended.

Nobody Understands Me
by Khan

Nobody Understands Me
My heart bleeds sorrow

Drip, drip
drip, drip

It bleeds today, as it shall tomorrow

Drip, drip
drip, drip

All this pain lives in my head
I wish that were truly dead
I don't want your pathetic pity
Or to be chastised by committee
Just someone to understand
Someone dear to hold my hand

But, alas, there's none to see
The reflection that has come to be
So I'll move on with my life
Drowning in pain, in hurt, in strife
I shall walk the earth alone
Knowing that I shant be known

My heart bleeds sorrow

Drip, drip
drip, drip

The only way I could make this worse,
is if I forgot how to spell, wore
a black beret, and snapped after each
stanza.  Hope this brought a chuckle.
Khan 9-17-05

Razorkiss -Zeta As the razor carves her name, Upon my wretched wrist I stare into the eyes of the reaper And once again know bliss Before she left me I was whole Now i'm but a shell A withered soul cast aside By my nameless angel into hell Chylde of night though I be I cannot bare eternity Without her by my side So Azreal, I summon thee That by thy grace I might be free And this pain might finally subside As the razor carved my angel's name Upon my wretched wrist Darkness enveloped me, made me whole And now I know only bliss Jun 07

Endless Days

Endless days,
drinking coffee
watching old reruns
waiting for darkness
waiting for you...

Nightfall brings
exquisite moments
sharp hungry kisses
crimson embraces
intimate exchange
of life forces
for the soul...

Endless days,
reading paperback novels
surfin' the net
waiting for sunset
waiting for you....


I Misplaced My Face in a State of Grace

Forgot my face back in some fictitious place What an odd space is this for a fellow missing a face? I think I lost the race, as I hadn't remembered to set a pace My little thoughts give my heels chase with hungry haste. What a waste, oh such a waste. And where did I put my personality this morn? My drive has drove on, blow the funeral horn Hell hath no fury like the rage of a bruised heart's scorn My mind is twisted, will warped, soul torn and forlorn. Might as well not been born, never been born. I lost my light, eyelids wilted, shadows look bright Tomorrow's tears sure to beat down the child's kite All things of vital spirit start to quarrel, clash, fight I wonder if I should withstand the tide and survive the night. Silent nights hold bitter fights, broken love, lowly heights. Is that pumping, thumping, bumping, in my chest a heartbeat? Are those broken heels and bent toes really owned by my feet? Is the sensation I feel passion's breeze or betrayal's cursed heat? You may find my kind where the deaf and the blind meet. Confusion paves the streets, all the rule keeper's cheat. My cane is vain, it's true. My face is plain, mood is blue I forgot to give my angst a spew. I train my pain to spit at you My lack's my gain, I lost a few, I wear these chains in MacBeth's brew One bolt lost, loose my screw, my spark burnt out on account of you. Words of woe spoken all too true, graves are where my flowers grew. In the cremation oven, where I may be made pure Flames engraved to my flesh, end of me the only cure I see the devil's toy chest, with demon's dark allure Eternal damnation I have earned, of that I am sure. I sacrificed all I was worth, all for her, gall from her. Blood, wood, steel, bone. The burden is mine, mine alone. Deny me not my empty throne I but the ripples, of your cast stone. Dance Again ~Vittoria~

Suicide Note
An anonymous tidbit from the net
      ...where? I forget.

Now Leave me be With my thoughts of Jealousy my heart, my broken soul Lost in this deep, black hole Darkness is all I know Once again in the pure white snow Your blood shall stain thy night the starry light shall bring no hope and I shall dangle on this rope...

Where do I truely belong. I'm not light but I'm not dark. I'm not good but I'm not evil. Where do I truely belong! I'm in this world but I'm not int this world. Once again I ask where do I truely belong!! that's all you get. --Kat *claps* Kath's a greyshades tabby kat Kitty knows where kitties at Katdance to the devil's fiddle Full of sylent kitty giggles -BL

Tres bien, Kathy! You've inspired me to give it a go as well... This piece of lead decides my fate for a world that hated me. I soon will know my final place throughout eternity. I think of how it all began, to find you with another man. What did I do? what was my crime? I thought our marriage was sublime. You were my Love, my only one and in my rage I find my gun. You stand there laughing, arms akimbo. This bitchy, blue-eyed, brunette bimbo. The gunshots ring out once, then twice, and shatter neighbors' paradise. The cops will come, but much too late. This piece of lead decides my fate. - Joshua 9-17-05 T. Allen Greenfield Jumping between tornados And Five Pound hail hurled By the Sky - I Will Certainly Try To find and Drink Deeply The Nectar of the Night Amidst the thunder and Flashes of eerie Light! LOL....Dreadful, huh?!... I can do dreadful... Hynotic tunes swirl in a lazy cloud, I look to the heavens, alone in a crowd, A familiar longing,an icy/hot desire, I keep turning to face him, feed my inner fire. Predator and prey, I'm never sure who is which, I just know I love it when he calls me his bitch, I can smell it, taste it, crawl right up inside, I'm tiring fast of this crowd where we hide. At last I'm tackled, hit hard from behind, A gasp and a growl,'twas not hard to find, The rush of blood in my ears, exhilaration of our sweat, Hell's hounds couldn't reach us, on that, you can bet. Tanja june 20, 07