A little vampire community humour~

I'm a vampire, were, where?
Why, here, and shamanistically there
Werecat and weredog, I'm bi, pagan
Starseeded, crossbreed,
Deep violet, I feed on rain and sun,
Electric sockets, music of the spheres,
Vampire but no peepleater I, evolved
beyond all that, drinking blood is gross.
I'm not a vampire, I'm a vampire witch*
I'm deep, my senses refined, the mundanes
diagnosed borderline, they are blind,
High am I in the Dragoncourt council
All of me, MPD, treefrog, warthog,
I sparkle, I shimmy and shimmer.
This body may not get much, but
Oo Oo oOOo! the astral orgies.

*a nod to Fra S.T.H.'s latest self-definition