Scottish Cat Charm

An old spell to clarify communication and strengthen the bond between you and your cat. The "key" is trinket to hang on the cat's collar the spellmaker will have kept next to her skin for seven days prior to the ritual. The "Mither o' the Mawkins" is none other than the Goddess, and "Mawkins" refers to cats.

Midnight, a circle of candles, a sacrifice to the Mither o' the Mawkins -- some form of cat food and a mouse--in the old days, this offering was a real mouse! The idea stems from the fact that cats often offer their fresh kills to their beloved mistress/master and so, for this ritual, the gesture is made in return.

Mawkins one and mawkins all,
Join in power; heed the call.
I conjure by the Mither's Moon
To ask the Whiskered Folk a boon.

By Moon and stars, by land and sea,
By all the rats and mice times three,
By whiskered snouts and secret routes
I conjure Mawkins with this key.
So by this charm my will be done.
To move, to see, to speak as one.

The charm is dipped into water, then passed thrice through the smoke of the incense and placed around kitty's neck. Then sit quietly and listen to what your mawkin has to say to you.