The Anatomy of Blood Circulation

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anatomy Common Carotid Artery Subclavian Artery Superior Vena Cava Axillary Artery Pulmonary vein Brachial Artery Portal Vein Inferior Vena Cava Superior Mesenteric Vein Common Illac Artery Femoral Artery Anterior Tibial Artery Dorsails Pedis Artery Arch of foot atery Internal Jugular Vein External Jugular Vein Subclavian Vein Axilary Vein Arch of Aorta Pulmonary Artery Cephalic Vein Renal Artery Basilic Vein Renal Vein Superior Mesenteric Artery Abdominal Aorta Femoral Vein Internal Iliac Artery Great Saphenous Vein