I am the Black Star, my heart is Infinite Darkness.
Together, we struggle against ignorance and illusion - even to every Buddha! Those whose goals are peace and love, freedom and harmony, I bring empty suffering and lustful tragedy! Know your self-created delusion as it runs like blood from your vile corpse!

Deluded humanoids, able to cause great harm, Only I stand as challenger upon your 'path of oneness'.

Humanoids are wrathful entities of pain and horror, Mindlessly insane temptors of Blackness - who in truth would bring only enslavement - against each I struggle then strangle!

I alone have been shown the means to overwhelm their vile deceptions, Their words of 'guilt' and 'fear', of 'perfect love' and 'perfect trust', are but dried leaves upon my Greater Journey of Self.

For those karma seekers and prayer mumblers and kneeling incantors of dead verses, I say - "Fear Me! For I am a Wrathful Being of Darkness, whose powers have broken free from the bondage of ignorance to imbrace that which alone is Worthy!"

From my Black Star bursts forth a Black Flame, And from my Black Flame bursts forth a Black Star, visible to the dark mind - like black lightening, rays projecting like horrible daggers to rip away the blind mind - to reveal the true entrance to the temple.

Gods do not exist! Yet I command them!
Souls do not exist! Yet I command them!
The Void does not exist! Yet I travel its dark depths!

I am the black warrior upon a black horse bearing a black star that turns ignorance to ash, that reveals the naked ascetic as a derelict, that slays the Buddha beneath the tree.

Such is my Black Passion!
If you seek what I am .. then find it yourself!
If you seek to manipulate self .. then do so yourself!
If you seek power, wealth and fame .. then create it yourself!

Mummified Witch
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