Vaulted Crypt

"..In his role as tormentor of the wicked, Set appears in various guises in the Duat (Egyptian Underworld). He is the heart-eating dragon SetNakt (Set is Mighty). SetNakt eats the heart (intellect) of the evil individual. He is the figure of Set the Watcher, who observes the progress of the Boat of Re. This role is one of the observer of the Real, a role that he also fills in slaying the demon Apep. Nightly, the Boat of Re is challenged by the non-created serpent Apep. Apep has the power to hypnotize the other inhabitants of the boat. The other gods fall into a trance, the Boat stops, and Set descends to fight the demon. He kills Apep...Set is a destroyer of delusional thinking. He destroys that which has failed to Become real. As such he is a tester of the dead - a god of Limits. In short, Set works in the subconscious as a destroyer of delusion."

Don Webb, Seven Faces of Darkness

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